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Current Members



  • Civilian Office Lead: Logos
    • Civilian Office Second: Selma

Emergencies must be reported to the current officer on duty.
If you are new to the island and wish to learn about the cell please contact Zduhać or Alexander White.


Leader: overall command leader for the cell
Civilian Office Lead: organizes the cell's control and interaction with the mortal world, teaching protocol, ensuring maintenance of the Veil, and running point on offensives against the CUT in the long-term
Guardian: organizes field missions and agent combat training
Intelligence/Tactical Office Lead: organizing the cell's information reports and resources
Personnel Office Lead: organizes in-cell mediation and cell morale and health
Quartermaster: handles supplies and requisitions, especially menat
Castellan/Citadel Host: manages headquarters
Chief Medical Officer: runs the medbay and sees to the health and well being of members of the cell
Newbie Lead: care and training of new cell members, especially ones also new to the Accord


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