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MI-017-D Werewolf: the Apocalype VSS

VSS Name: Raging Rapids (USA-GL-WA-1303-000117) Current iVST: Erykah Fassett

OOC PLACES/TIMES Location: Big Kidz Games & others.
Game On: 6:00 PM, 1st and 3rd Saturday
All times and locations are subject to change.

GrandLAN Gaming Center
55 Division St N.
Grand Rapids MI 49503

Or go to this Maplink.

For parking, enter the alley behind the gaming center that opens up onto Fountain St. and park there.

Contact Information: iVST: – Erykah Fassett
Domain: Grand Designs
VST: Erykah_Fassett

Raging Rapids is the Werewolf the Apocalypse venue for the Grand Designs domain in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For more information on the Sept, visit the Sept of the Leaping Stone page.


Werewolf: the Apocalypse is a game about struggle, fighting against overwhelming odds, and the balancing of the Man and the Wolf. Instead of traditional views of werewolves in popular literature and cinema, the Garou in Apocalypse are not mindless beasts who change at the sight of a full moon, but warriors for Gaia, who will do whatever it takes to protect the world. The question is, how far are they willing to go to meet these goals? What costs are justifiable, and which costs are too great to even consider? Furthermore, what happens after the war is “won” and there is no need to battle? This VSS will seek to explore what it means to be Garou, from first change to grizzled veteran, as well as the challenges and ethical decisions a Garou must make in their ongoing fight against the Wyrm and its servants. We will work to create an atmosphere where roleplay and individual stories are key above all else.


All elements are rated from 1 to 5.

• Never present
•• Sometimes present
••• Often present
•••• Usually present
••••• Always present

Intrigue (Politics and Negotiation): 3 Intrigue will largely be player generated. The traditions and social structure of Garou society will be encouraged heavily, which should generate an atmosphere where this can occur. However, the VST will not attempt to force political-tribal intrigue if there is a lack of player interest in it.

Manners (Social Etiquette and Peer Pressure): 3 As mentioned, the traditions and social structure of the Garou Nation will be heavily encouraged. However, this will be a player driven element with ST guidance and advice when necessary. Canon Garou traditions and social norms will be strongly encouraged and expected under this VSS.

Action (Combat and Challenges): 4 Being Garou and violence go hand-in-hand, and while focus will seldom be on causing PC death, there is always a possibility due to the very nature and reality of fighting an on-going war against insurmountable odds.

Mystery (Enigmas and Investigation): 5 The very nature of spirits and the Umbra drive many Garou to the darkest corners in search for truths and ways to combat their enemy, as well as gaining valuable boons and allies in the spirit world. There is also a wealth of history to discover, buried under their own noses, and dark secrets that loom under the surface.

Drama (Ceremony and Characterization): 5 All roleplaying games are inherently story-centered, and so story will be preferred above all. All events in the game should be seen as an opportunity for PC's to engage with situations in order to generate character growth and evolution. The STs of this VSS seek real and dynamic characters who change and grow over time. Players will be encouraged and loosely required to make their best attempt to role-play rather than roll-play above all else.

Darkness (Probability of Character Death: 3 Corruption and Horror: 5) As this venue takes place within the World of Darkness, it is safe to assume that no one is free from the evils of the universe, and this is especially true for Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Character death and corruption are part and parcel of the world, and while it will be possible for characters to die, it is unlikely to occur without a strong, driving reason. Every death should have an impact upon other PC's. Horrors such as the Wyrm, Fomori, and Black Spiral Dancers will be a constant element in the game, infecting the world and darkening an already bleak horizon.

Pace (Speed that stories emerge): 3 This will be set by the players with some influence from plots. The pace is entirely open to discussion, however a steady rate of progress should be expected.


The themes of Werewolf: the Apocalypse which will be played up within this VSS are as follows: power struggles between tribes and the new “alliances”, the burden of being Garou and fighting what seems to be a losing war, the balance of “mortal” laws and the Litany, the radical shift in leadership due to the decimation of Elders and Athro within the Nation, power plays, rivalries, base violence, and corruption.


Secrets, Darkness, Exploration, Revelation, Adventure, Tension


The domain boundaries of MI-017-D, focusing primarily on the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.


Sept of <Insert Name Here> Caern Type/Level: <Description> Caern Totem: <Description> Location: <Description>

Ancient History <words>

Modern History <more words>

Current Events <MOAR WORDS!>


No major travel restrictions are in effect, but there are almost always risks when traveling. As Grand Rapids was a major battleground during the Ratkin War, there's always a lingering danger that a hive still lingers beneath the city.


All PCs must gain VST approval to be present, whether it is a soft or a hard proxy. Character sheet submission will be accepted no later than 48 hours prior to a live game, and should be sent to both the Raging Rapids ST email address (, with the players direct ST CC'd in on it. Visiting PCs should pre-check in the following items with the VST by email prior to midnight on the day of the game if they wish to have access to them during game. Restrictions on these items may be set by the VST. If a PC should acquire these things before game beings, it is acceptable to email the ST as soon as possible as this occurs and get a late permission. Restricted items are: -Anything requiring High or Top approval. -Any custom fetishes.


Players who are present at the physical location of the game site, yet off-site in terms of play represent a breakdown in the continuity of the game and will be limited as much as possible. All hard RP occurring off-site will need to have a ST (DST, VST, or AVST) present and be approved by the VST to be sanctioned as part f the MES Chronicle. Off-site RP locations must be approved with the VST before role-playing begins at that location.


Games: Typically 3-4 xp per game, depending on events, roleplaying. Additional XP may be granted for exceptional roleplay and costuming.

Downtimes: typically 2-3 xp per downtime, depending on events and content.


All players are expected to track and present their own temporary Renown to the ST's, either on paper at game or email later that week, and the ST's will either accept/deny/or change it. ST's can and will remove temp renown as needed by actions taken (this will be emailed to you, with the reason why) or told to you at the game after it is done. Moots will be held at games at least once every three months, or more frequently if the players desire it. An abbreviated form of moots will be held once a month to allow players to address Sept business and Rites of Accomplishment. Rites of Accomplishment are expected to be performed at moots, not outside of them. They will be accepted to happen in downtime in rare or special circumstances, however.


-All Fetishes and Talens must have Item Cards with complete mechanics, as well as the Approval Number, if applicable. Having this information on your sheet, including mechanics, on your sheet is also acceptable.

-A backstory is required of all characters within three (3) months of that character’s introduction into play. If this period passes and no backstory has been provided to the ST, that character will not be allowed into future game events until such a time that a complete backstory has been given to the VST and placed upon the approvals database. Storyteller staff will work with players who lack database access for technical reasons. Additionally, the Character Development Document (“CDD”) is acceptable as a character background, and upon ST review is worth 8 overcap XP.

-In this VSS, we seek to encourage characters that can exist in the real world. While we realize that most people don’t turn into fuzzy death machines, mix-maxing and the like will not be tolerated. While PC concepts can often be summed up in two or three word blurbs, such as "Master Occultist" or "zen tactician" or even "Happy-go-Lucky roving gambler", the character's sheet must be in line with the character's background or CCD.

-This VSS also seeks to contain real world characters, as as such certain considerations must be taken in relation to the sheet vs. history. (Example: A former Med Student turned Glasswalker Theurge would have more than just Medicine, but also Academics, Crafts, Science, Computer, and Lores). Players will be expected to think of the full implications of their characters job/concept/story in relation to their skill and attribute set.

-Red Talon PCs are strongly discouraged in the Urban setting of Raging Rapids. If a player wishes to play a Red Talon PC, they should discuss the concept with the ST staff in order to better accommodate the needs and desires of player.


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