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Richmond, VA Cam/Anarch Masquerade

Storyteller: Chris Ost
Game schedule: 2nd full Saturday, 7pm check in 8pm game on.

Richmond's Court

Prince: Franziskus Winter
Seneschal: Reginald Puddle

Harpy: Alonso Gutierrez
Keeper of Elysium: Vacant
Sheriff: Clarence Charles Merrick
Scourge: Wallace

Primogen Council
Brujah: Reginald Puddle
Gangrel: Clarence Charles Merrick
Malkavian: Crawford Leery
Toreador: Edriac Jaeger Dietrich
Tremere: Draco
Ventrue: Virgil Maxwell

Richmond's Citizens by Clan

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Others
Reginald Puddle Merrick Vex Franziskus Winter Byron Lancaster Adrienne Maxwell Callistus Santiago
Quinn Echo Des Alonso Gutierrez Draco Virgil Maxwell
Tanis Wallace Billy Violence Edriac Jaeger Dietrich Phillip Strouse
Roadrash Madeline
Torrance Fairfallen
Jacob Marks

History of Richmond

Richmond has hosted millions of souls in its 276 year history. Richmond has been many different things in its life: Native American confederate capital, European frontier town, entry point for millions of African slaves, focal point of American rebellion, capital of a new State, capital of a Southern rebellion, devastated ruins, rebuilt capital, keeper of racist segregation, and finally today: the financial, political, and economic heart of Virginia. Richmond’s dark vampiric story will draw heavily on Richmond’s history.

After many years of struggle the Ivory Tower is “ascendant”. Its enemies are either dead or in hiding. Neither Sabbat nor werewolves dare challenge the vampiric lords of Richmond. Those few independents allowed to dwell in Richmond are openly looked down upon and behave with submission. It is whispered that “Jim Crow” is alive and well, except now it is the Independents that must live in ghettos and give up their seats at Elysium. Camarilla members enjoy a level of prosperity unheard of in the past. Some openly ask if this is a new golden age of the Vampire; the hubris is palpable. Richmond kindred revel in high society, courtly politics and political intrigues. Violence is rare but shockingly brutal. Mysteries and plots are whispered in the shadows but for now remain largely secret. Elders watch their younger kin for rebellion, and the Neonates and Ancille envy the power and respect demanded by their “betters”. Oracles and mystics among the kindred, however, can feel it in their souls: the Tower is not what it appears to be. Already cracks begin to appear and old enemies lurk awaiting their triumphant return. The future looms like the Sword of Damocles over the head of Richmond’s kindred. Will Babel fall?

In 2010, Prince Valerian’s fiery and gruesome death marked a major paradigm shift in Richmond. The ways of Prince Valerian, the “golden boy” of Richmond, are gone. Prince Merrick began his reign in fire and blood. Many in the city thought that the savage and inhumane nature of the Prince would led to more death but they were wrong. First shock then apathy set in for the kindred of Richmond. All of Richmond fell in line behind their new Prince. The city has been at peace for three long years. None have dared challenge the Tower or the new Prince.

Story Thus Far

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