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Charleston By Night has a Facebookpage!
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Game Schedules

Currently Charleston, SC hosts Vampire the Requiem, Vampire the Masquerade, Accord, Sabbat, and Changeling the Lost.

As the times we hold games sometimes changes, please check the domain website or our Facebook page for last minute updates!

Accord is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Chris True's home.
Requiem is held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Chris True's home.
Cam/Anarch is held the 4th Saturday of each month at Chris True's home.
Sabbat is held on the 5th Saturday of the months in which one is present, at Chris True's home.
Lost is held on IRC on the __ Wednesday of each month.

For directions, contact Eric Mattson or Elizabeth Namiotko

Venue Information


Charleston is an old city, and old cities have old problems. The dust is settling from a recent inter-species shadow war between the supernatural denizens of the city. Through various pledges, contracts, and guile, the local Changeling sect won a tenuous truce between themselves, the vampires, and the Forsaken.

Vampire: the Requiem

Charleston is a city that has long been contested by various supernatural entities. Vampires have been attracted to it by its wealth and by the large transient population. Magi have sought it for mystical power sources found within the city and surrounding area. Fae and Forsaken have also taken an interest in these. Lastly, Sin Eaters have coveted control of the city because of the presence of death.

During the civil war, the ranks of the Union attempting to take Charleston were bolstered by the presence of Sin Eaters and Forsaken within their ranks. Their goal was to use the war to make a push into and control the city. As most know, Charleston was never taken by the Union. A large contributing factor to this was the Kindred of Charleston uniting under the banner of an Invictus Daeva named Sherwin Constantine. He was able to rally the Kindred of Charleston to the city’s successful defense, and they have controlled it since.

In modern nights, Constantine has long since retired from being an active part of Kindred society and their hold on the city is tenuous at best. Different groups of supernaturals periodically attempt ploys to seize power from the Kindred, with varying degrees of success. Adding to the difficulty is competition within the ranks of the Kindred themselves for various resources within the city. The strong church presence within the city also makes the threat of hunters a constant worry. No covenant can afford to be lax in their vigilance and no Prince rests easy on his throne. The city of Charleston has everything the Kindred population could ever want, including the never-ending fight to keep it.

Changeling: the Lost

The local Freehold is no more, too small to truly stand together. Fearing the return of the Loyalists and their Keeper, many disperse and go about their business in the city as usual. Others begin talks of putting out a call to other Lost. Tie this with the reign the local Kindred seem to have over the city now, and the inability for these few stragglers to branch out and keep the resources the dead and missing once held, and the local Lost are in a poor place. Current: Some of the local Lost have come together to form a Hollow within the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens area. They have reached out to a few of the Lost abroad through various means, either telling them of the recent situations, enticing them with the local Goblin Market, or using other means in the hopes of rebuilding their community and banding together against future incursions.

Vampire: the Masquerade

The holy city is nothing but calm to the world around it. But is it really? Before 1990 there where many princes. Sometimes more then one at a time, but that did not last. Sometime in late 1800's, something happened. The city still grew but something in the kindred seemed to calm. With Kindred in the city since it was but a settlement, it has always had someone to pull the strings from the shadows from all clans. There are Nos in the sewers and Ventrue in the mansions, but always fighting. Now for the last 100 years or so the fighting seems to be behind the scenes; more political than ever. With the peacefulness has came an unease like something is ready to break. Will it and who will still be around to see it? In the last 30 years there have been 2 defining moments in the court: the 2001 and 2011 praxis changes.

Werewolf the Apocalypse

Charleston is a city that has long been contested by various supernatural entities. Vampires have been attracted to it by its wealth and by the large transient population. Fae,Magi, and others stalk the cities. Many where hurt when the Ratkin attacked. But thanks to the Wyrm some also gain power. Before 2001, the balance was close. The war with the Wyrm was fought behind the scenes with a strong sept in the area and at least a some what peace between most of the other supernaturals out there it worked. Then, after the Ratkin started the war, it went from bad to worse with the swarm sending the city into chaos. Many fell before the swarm of the rats. Known was one caern in the heart of Charleston. This one went up, taking half of the Glasswalker presence in the city with it. The war lasted long and took its toll till the Garou had been pushed to the point of calling to all the pack totems to come and fight with them. A beacon of hope was found when a Uktena showed up and showed the remaining Garou to a Caern in the outskirts of the area. It was long forgotten in the tales of the Garou. There was a old plantation house there and six garou who where old still held everything together. When the newcomers walked on to the bawn they where met with a host of spirits who have been the guardians for the caern for longer than the white man had been on this land. The song of it is still sung bye the galliards. 2006 at the end of the ratkin war there was a smoldering city left behind.

From 2006 to 2010, it was a push and pull with the Garou, the Uktena welcomed the new blood. As they are all Athro or Elders, there is some tension between the Athro who made it back from the cities destruction. Since only three Athro's made it and with a total of six in the caern, it was a little tense. Now the three elders who watched over the caern saw this coming and put everyone in to a role. The three elders were set in a pattern where they all where Theurges each one was different: one was Homid, one was Lupas, the third was a Metis. This was the strange one, but it was their caern, their sept; slowly they became all members of the sept. The elders worked with the spirits non-stop to keep this caern safe; not one wyrm found it, but it seems close in on the survivors. They had to get out so they started going out and seeing what was left.

In 2010 when the call went out for the Theurges, to come help stop the star the elders seen this as the time they where waiting for. they and 2 of the athros of the Uktena let go of the leadership of the sept and left for this. they where strong and the might of the powers may of helped but there bodies could not take it and they died there. in the following years it has been a cat and mouse with the wyrm out side of the safety of the caern and the wards are slowly fading, with out the power of the elders they are not holding. there are the ones who came to the sept lead but a silverfang athro who have did what they can but it seems more and more his mind is slipping. the last athro windigo who is ready to Challenge for right of elder. goes on spirit quests more and more looking for something. This is where are story begins.........