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City Overview

Saint Louis, located between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, makes the city ideal as a central hub for travel and commerce. This gives the domain access to transport by road, rail, air, or water. The borders of the domain actually extend far out from the city of Saint Louis itself.

Ascendent Covenant: Invictus
Contender Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Eminent Clan: Gangrel
Rival Clans: Nosferatu

Governmental Structure

The Court


  • None named yet


  • Daeva:
  • Gangrel: Samuel Buford Emmerson
  • Mekhet: Liam Snow
  • Nosferatu: Irene Coe
  • Ventrue: Alder Siobhan Campbell

Officers of the Court

  • Sheriff: Garrett Hawke
  • Hound: Rumored to be Wendigo Garrison
  • Keeper of Elysium: Alder Siobhan Campbell
  • Prince's Harpy: Calixta
  • Priscus Harpy: yet to be named
  • Herald: yet to be named
  • Seneschal: yet to be named

City Laws

  • None yet decreed.


Admired (Status •••••)

Respected (Status ••••)

Valued (Status •••)

Irene Coe

Recognized (Status ••)

Acknowledged (Status •)

Welcomed (Status 0)

These are often persons who visit the city on a regular basis, or in some cases have just moved to the city that are still looking where to settle. In either of these cases the Prince has given them permission to feed within the rack of the city.

  • None at this time


  • Add Rumors of the city here

Places of Interest and Landmarks


Time Line
==OOC Information== ***OUTDATED***

  • Region: Great Lakes
  • Domain: Gaslight Memories MO-28D
  • Requiem Venue Storyteller: Richard Whatley
  • Domain Storyteller:
  • Domain Coordinator: Mitch Mayberry
  • Schedule - games are held the 3rd Saturday of every month.

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