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The Salubri antitribu have only recently joined the Sabbat, though they have established themselves as fervent opponents of the Camarilla, whom they blame for the destruction of their clan progenitor. Although they care little for the ideals of the Sabbat, they claim membership in the sect out of necessity rather than true support. The Sabbat is happy to take any allies it can find, and the Salubri antitribu know how greatly the Sabbat hates the Camarilla.

The Sabbat Salubri make proud boasts regarding their effectiveness, claiming that they have eliminated the Cainites responsible for slaying their founder. Driven by vengeance, the Salubri antitribu operate as furious warriors, though their own private grudges easily distract them. Most Sabbat consider them useful in times of war, but oppressively self-righteous when not in combat. To the Sabbat Salubri, this is fine - Unlife is an endless torment, ending only in glorious death or bloody Vengeance.

The Furies are as much a cult of personality as they are a bloodline. Unlike most other Cainite families, Sabbat Salubri have a body of propaganda that is less reflective of their members' personalities and more a result of the indoctrination most of the bloodline's sires teach their childer. The eldest of the group, Adonai, is very much a spiritual leader to the Furies, Stoking their righteous frenzies as the Final Nights Approach.

Most Sabbat Salubri are young and have gained very little status in the sect while others die before being able to make a name for themselves. Some few find a place among the templars or Inquisition, but their numbers are too small to see them spread very evenly across the sect's hierarchy. A few Sabbat believe that they are the products of the Final Nights, while others believe them to be simple, angry young Cainites reacting against the millennial fin de siecle.

Roleplaying Hints: First and foremost comes the fight against the Camarilla, in which the Sabbat is nothing but a convenient ally. Whether or not you know the specifics of why the fight is so dire (which not every Salubri antitribu does), you know that the cause is justified. The bloodline is almost a cult or religion, so fiercely does it believe in its own cause and the need for atonement. This fervor serves you well, for it gives you purpose when you rise for the night.






Angry, impassioned creatures, the Salubri antitribu must take the blood that sustains them from fallen enemies or otherwise by force. Blood that is freely offered to them does not give them any Blood Trait benefit - they must take their sustenance in the heat of passion.

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