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San Antonio is a new Camarilla city. In 2003 with the Siege of San Antonio several Sabbat defectors, Anarchs, and Camarilla citizens seized the city from the Sabbat packs. Prince Montoya, a defector, was installed as the Camarilla Prince of San Antonio. Much of the Kindred history of San Antonio was lost when the city changed sides, joining the Camarilla. The following represents uncovered Sabbat history, information from spies, personal accounts from Prince Montoya and surviving former members of the Sabbat, and rumor from Anarchs and Camarilla loyalist from surrounding territories. All of this information is widely know, though certain clans might have access to further information. Remember, this perspective is tinted by the lens of the Camarilla, so understanding of what is actually happening is not always perfect. Prince Tempest held reign over San Antonio after Montoya, until his own Seneschal Magdalene Lys took Praxis. Tempest of Clan Gangrel fell at the hands of those loyal to the Seneschal. But the final blow was delivered by Magdalene Lys. The Lily Prince held Praxis for nearly a year before Prince Serafin of Austin forced her to abdicate the position. After a brief contention for rulership of the Domain, Ivan Rook of Clan Malkavian emerged as San Antonio's new ruler. Increased Sabbat activity cultivated in the kidnapping and death of Prince Rook. In the absence of a ruler, Elder Architect Francisc Iepure stepped forward to claim Praxis in July of 2016.

Harpy Reports of San Antonio
Courtesies of Prince Francisc Iepure



Prince Seneschal Harpy Keeper of Elysium Sheriff Scourge
Francisc Iepure Clermont Atwater Gabriel Tennyson Magdalene Lys Remy Gagnon Not Yet Public


OnyxPathBrujah.png OnyxPathGangrel.png OnyxPathMalkavian.png OnyxPathNosferatu.png OnyxPathToreador.png OnyxPathTremere.png OnyxPathVentrue.png
Zack Snyder Guillaume Demarais William DuBose Dagmuar Philippa Brery Lucky D Abelard



OnyxPathBrujah.png OnyxPathGangrel.png OnyxPathMalkavian.png OnyxPathNosferatu.png OnyxPathToreador.png OnyxPathTremere.png OnyxPathVentrue.png
Clermont Atwater Bear Astrid Malikov Bernard Green Alexander Winchester Darius Abelard
Remy Gagnon Guillaume Demarais Betty Monroe Dagmuar Gabriel Tennyson Lucky D Solomon
Zack Snyder Jeremiah Johnson Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV Francisc Iepure Henry Anderson Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Kitt Reddston William DuBose Mabel Ruby Lione Bonacorsi Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Magdalene Lys Malkavian Nosferatu Philippa Brery Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Wohl Malkavian Nosferatu Sophia Magdalene Tremere Ventrue
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue

OnyxPathTzimisce.png OnyxPathDaughtersofCacophany.png OnyxPathGargoyle.png OnyxPathLasombra.png OnyxPathRavnos.png OnyxPathSamedi.png OnyxPathSetites.png
Carpathian Lady Alma Gargoyle Lazaro Aargon Ravnos Tony D Miguel Culebra
Carpathian Daughter of Cacophony Gargoyle Lasombra Ravnos Samedi Followers of Set

Clanless: Brigette Cooper



OnyxPathGiovanni.png OnyxPathSetites.png OnyxPathAssamite.png OnyxPathRavnos.png
Carina Rossellini Followers of Set Assamite Lady D
Giacomo Giovanni Followers of Set Assamite Teros Django
Gregorio Giovanni Followers of Set Assamite Ravnos
Cosimo Giovanni Followers of Set Assamite Ravnos



Mayor / Advocate Ambassador Constable Marshal / Architect
El Rey Heather Hearst Khetamet a'a Khem Dr. Syd

Dr. Syd
El Rey
Frank Augustine
Heather Hearst
Marcus “Ace”
Zayda Smith


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