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We lost.

It was a bloody time, too many of us were exposed to the sun, too many of us fell to poor planning, and above all, disloyalty. The Camarilla had too much influence, and we became fat and complacent. The Elders of us grew cocky, and too many of us favored barbarism over cunning. The call to Blood, and the Bloodlust of so many cost us all of our cities, and lost us many valuable members of the movement, and so, we were defeated.

We had thought all hope was gone, and that those few of us who survived were destined to live alone scraping and scrounging in the darkness like rats, until our havens would be discovered and our bodies exposed to the Sun.

Then Cassiel came, at first his voice was quiet, and only a few would come and participate in his Ritae. Then more and more came, it was the hope we needed, and we organized.

Cassiel’s words inspired us, and we would set forth in our packs and lay siege to the various Camarilla cities, but we would have to be smart about it. We would have to constantly be on the move, we would have to streamline and remove the cruft that cost us so dearly. There is no more room for barbarism, there is no more room for pride, or egos. There is no more room for endlessly throwing “shovelheads” towards our quarry, unless we need that to survive and divert an attack on us. We will have to adapt.

Cassiel would regularly call us back from across the area to meet and report on our successes, to participate in a mass Vaulderie and unite ourselves in oaths of blood. We will act as one.

Thus begins again, the siege within the shadows.

In August of 2015 during the celebration of the Eides of Caine, Kincaid, the Bishop of War, challenged Cassiel to Monomacy for the position of Archbishop - and won.


Jordan Donati-Kincaid


  • Sir Henry Graham, Templar to the Archbishop


Bishop of Information: Vincenza Kincaid-Donati

Bishop of Security: Macarius Of Saqqara

Bishop of War: Nox

Bishop of Resources: Vacant

Bishop of Spirituality:Vacant


Famiglia di Donati: *Vincenza Kincaid-Donati, ^Jordan Donati-Kincaid,Luciana Donati, Mason Donati-Lafee, Anacleto Pino Accardi-Donati, Lorenzo Abano-Donati, Cassiel (NPC)

Furious Ascension: *Trassius ,^Macarius of Saqqara , Ludmila Yaroslav, Sinombre , Gretchen

Beso de la Muerte: *Nox, ^Lyre, Maria Liliana, Lilly, Ginger "GiGi", Diana, Rapture aka Fenix

The Dogs of War: *Lancaster , ^Pliskin, West, Manuel Biache, Katya Kazekevich , Lancaster's Pet Rock (Gargoyle NPC)

The Deadbeats: *Sir Henry Graham, ^Rack,Ozzy Diaz, Vasily Dragunov, Joyce Lambert, Nigel (Retainer NPC)

Whispers in the Blood: *Santiago di Medici, Maurice Deparley

The Company: ^Trejean, Ethan Ericson, Gunny (Uninitiated)

Survivor's Guilt*: Molly, Rodrigo Valentine

* Next to name denotes Ductus
^ Next to name denotes Priest


The Diesel Dogs:: ^The Warrator Vox, *Mother Mayai, Dax, Alox, Amygdala (NPC Retainer), ^The Warrator Hannibal, , Vex, Hax, Trax, Minx, Flex,

* Next to name denotes Ductus
^ Next to name denotes Priest



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