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Vampire society is broken into Sects:

  • The Camarilla - A Sect of vampires primarily concerned with maintaining the Traditions, particularly the Masquerade. The Camarilla considers all vampires part of their Sect.
  • The Sabbat - A Sect of vampires that believes the Masquerade to be useless and that vampires should revel in their dark natures. They are violent and often bestial, using horror and cruelty as their tools.
  • The Anarchs - A Sect of rebel vampires amongst the Kindred who disdain elders and their highly structured society.
  • The Independent Alliance - An Alliance built between Clan Giovanni and the Followers of Set for self-preservation in the wake of Camarilla and Sabbat violence against their clans.
  • The Independents - These Clans and Bloodlines have chosen not to align themselves with any Sect. Individual members may join one sect or the other, but most remain neutral.
  • The Autarkis - Vampires of Clans or Bloodlines who have chosen to remain apart from mainstream Kindred society, or membership in any Sect.


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