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Known Septs and Their Locations

Septs with Wiki Pages

Septs without Wiki Pages, but with approved VSSs

  • Sept of Rocket City || Huntsville, AL
  • Sept of The New Moon || Jonesboro, AR
  • Sept of Acansa || Central AR
  • Sept of The Inland Island || Riverside, CA
  • Sept of the Unending Burden || Colorado Springs, CO
  • Sept of The Glade || Brevard County, FL
  • Sept of Cinder Key || Gainsville, FL
  • Sept of Mobbly Bay || Tampa, FL
  • Sept of The Everglades || Miami, FL
  • Sept of Scarred Land || Terra Haute, IN
  • Sept of Broken Brook || Bloomington, IN
  • Sept of Gaia's Grace || Starkville, MS
  • Sept of Twin Triangle || Research Triangle, NC
  • Sept of Buffalo's Tears || Omaha, NE
  • Sept of Quiet Hours || Cleveland, OH
  • Sept of Fallen Tear || Charleston, SC
  • Sept of Urban Decay || Houston, TX
  • Sept of Heron's Prize || Belle Island, VA
  • Sept of DragonFly || New River Valley, VA
  • Sept of Hampton Roads || Williamsburg, VA
  • Sept of The Hidden Bluff || Tacoma, WA


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