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Each region has a leader (Athro) who is in charge of the tribe and who reports to one leader for the US and Elder. The name of this elder who reports to the Margrave is unknown to all but the 8 leaders. The regional leaders are known. Lore:Shadow Lord

  • Camilla Reginald “Lightning’s Fury” Athro Galliard Homid Northeast Region
  • Song of Thunder Adren Galliard Homid Northcentral Region
  • Sylvian Markov “Secret of Typhon” Athro Ragabash Homid Eastcentral Region
  • “Paces the Darkness usurping the Shadow” Athro Ragabash Lupus Northwest Region
  • Peter Berkowski, Halo of Night Athro Philodox Homid Southeast Region
  • “Silence” Athro Theurge Homid Southwest Region
  • Eye of the Storm Athro Ahroun Homid Southcentral Region
  • Justin Everett Athro Ahroun Metis Great Lakes Region

Underneath these Garou, Shadow Lords are expected to comport themselves with dignity and to not make a mockery among the other garou, to do so is unseemly and worthy of punishment from the tribe. What is unseemly is up to the leader of each region.
Shadow Moots- A Shadow Moot is any private gathering of three or more Shadow Lords who aren't all in the same pack. Renown can be gained from stories told at these moots, renown can also be lost.


Lords of the Summit

This camp has grown ever larger in recent years to the point where it is practically synonymous with the Shadow Lords as a whole. Eve Constantine, now an elder, has solidified her leadership within the camp though she is always on the lookout for potential lieutenants and potential threats. While she is the de facto leader, there are always factions looking to undermine her.

Children of Crow

This camp has been in decline since the disappearance of the Margrave. Factions have formed within the camp- each backing a different tribe, group, or individual- but none has gained a large following as of yet. There are still those that are loyal to their alphas that uphold the basic principles of the camp of being the ideal Beta.

Children of Bat

Due to this camp's necessarily small involvement in the Dousing of the Red Star and the Ratkin War, they are still kept secret and protected within the tribe. Their message of redemption has yet to take root. There are those that are pushing for it, but for current they need to be more circumspect about who they speak to about it.

Judges of Doom

Over the past few years, the Judges have claimed more and more victims for seemingly smaller and smaller crimes. Nowadays, the Judges are greatly feared for every sin of every garou they meet could be their last. However, this is not the whole story. You only hear about the terrible ones. There is always another side to the coin. There are more reasonable true judges within the camp. They take into account mitigating and aggravating circumstance. They have an unspoken rivalry within the camp and for each deed the one does, the other tries to counter it.

Bringers of the Light

Most recently, they have begun to discover something called the Nine Lernaean Truths. It makes the upper echelon nervous. Beyond the strict structure of the highest leadership, the camp is loosely joined together, based more on tightly knit groups of survivors. They usually hold a special place for a theurge who is an expert at cleansing and more of a psychologist who can keep tabs on them for signs of taint or corruption.


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