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This is the holding page for the Tribe formerly known as the Glass Walkers.

The current Tribelead is Joseph Knue. Tribelead Email is (as of March 29, 2016)


In the Fall of 2014, it was discovered that the time for the Tribe of Cockroach to make their next step in evolution was at hand. Over the next half-year, the Tribe worked together to create that new identity, lead not only by the demand of their Totem, but by the need to separate themselves from the fallen Glass Walker known as "Screams-in-Digital", an Athro of the Tribe who fell to the manipulations of The Weaver/Grandmother Spider.

Under the leadership of Killbox, the Tribe renamed itself "Silicon Sentinels", reorganized itself, and adopted its new identity at the end of April 2015, along with a Constitution.

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Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-Text.png File:Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-Text.png Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-Text.jpg File:Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-Text.jpg
Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph.png File:Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph.png Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph.jpg File:Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph.jpg
Silicon-Sentinels-Text.png File:Silicon-Sentinels-Text.png Silicon-Sentinels-Text.jpg File:Silicon-Sentinels-Text.jpg
Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-borderless.png File:Silicon-Sentinels-Glyph-borderless.png