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There are a few mortals whose souls have stirred just enough to rise above the Quiescence but not enough to be called Awake. They have not heard the call of a Watchtower and remain ignorant about magic and the truth behind reality unless it is taught to them. These half-aware mortals are called Sleepwalkers. None can say just what causes some souls to walk in their Sleep, but mages prize such individuals. Willworkers often recruit Sleepwalkers as assistants and acolytes, people who can work within the Sleeping world without attracting the attention of entities who are drawn to the Awakened.


Sleepwalkers — sometimes called Proximi (singular Proximus) — are gifted mortals who are dimly aware that magic is real and enough so to witness open acts of magic. Unable to fully cope with the modern world, these people are distracted by dreams they do not fully understand. Mages find Sleepwalkers from time to time, and recruit them into plans and schemes (they can count as Allies or Contacts in game terms or serve as Sleepwalker Retainers). Recruited Sleepwalkers often work to maintain sanctums, hopeful for answers about their dreams, for protection from unseen forces and for opportunities to learn about the supernatural. Given sufficient training, they have the potential to see true magic for what it really is.

Even if Sleepwalkers aren’t recruited and taught by mages, these mortals are drawn to supernatural events since they naturally want to understand the hidden world that has only marginally accepted them. Many insist on instruction or explanations from mages (when Sleepwalkers can identify willworkers), although Sleepwalkers do not possess the ability to work magic. Even an untrained Sleepwalker may be able to recognize a mage as mystically significant — the type of attention that can make a sorcerer’s life complicated. On rare occasions, a Sleepwalker can actually Awaken, but magic is rarely able to predict if and when this might occur. In all other respects, Sleepwalkers are ordinary people. They are as much a resource as an obligation, often demanding help in exchange for what they find and the services they render.

A few rare specimens have enchantment coursing through their very DNA, which is passed down to their descendants, perhaps having a relatively undiluted lineage dating back to Atlantis. Some mages (such as those of the Silver Ladder) only apply the term “Proximi” to such generational Sleepwalkers, but most Awakened use the terms interchangeably. When discovered, such Proximi are watched carefully by magical orders, just in case these mortals’ gifts are passed on to another generation.


The character is not completely asleep; the Quiescence does not affect him fully, and he is not susceptible to Disbelief. He can witness improbable or vulgar magic without increasing the chances of a Paradox. At four dots, the Sleepwalker also has a mage’s Unseen Senses (see p. 175). (••• or ••••)

Mind's Eye Theatre - Mage: The Awakening Pg. 434

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