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South East Region
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SE Regional Coordinator:=font>

Chris Roberts, US2012060112

ARC: Chief of Staff & Prestige=font>

Deb Pelletier Clark US2002022584 ,

ARC: Arbitrations=font>

Christian Stephenson US2003021268

ARC: Elections Administrator=font>

Elizabeth Namiotko US2010076348

ARC: List Mod=font>

Kizanth "Kiz" Anderson US2002023359
se.list.mod at

'ARC: Newsletter/Charities=font>

Kat Lone US2008032102

ARC: Technical Administrator=font>

Karl Fox US2003120104

ARC: Social Media & Wiki=font>

Sarah Wade US2013010018​


  • Dennis Czeluscinski US2013060102 Election Proctor
  • Tommie Boatwright US2013100140 Election Proctor
  • Sarah Long US2011047580 Election Proctor


SE Regional Storyteller=font>

Patrick Gerrity US2004061573

ARST: Chief of Staff=font>

Tim Hardwick US2002021670

ARST: Admin=font>

Josh Humble US2002023853

ARST: Accord=font>

Kristopher Marlow US2004051430

ARST: Apocalypse=font>

Max Vaillancourt US2014020040

ARST: Arbitrations=font>

Christian Stephenson US2003021268

ARST: Masquerade: Cam/Anarch=font>

Ryan Owens US2005086251

ARST: NWOD=font>

Brian Ladd US2007039581

ARST: Quality Assurance=font>

Kristopher Marlow US2004051430

ARST: Rules=font>

Seth Steele US2002021038

ARST: Masquerade: Sabbat =font>

Andrew Hermann US2005029960

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