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Court spring - Reach.png

Crown: Antler

Color: Emerald

Emotion: Desire

The courts pact with Spring gives them jurisdiction over lust, hunger, greed, and any other trait that would fall under "desire." Most seek their own pleasures and the pleasures of others and revel in them, this can fall under two sides of the same coin: seeking fulfillment to fill the void of the loss of Arcadia or a reward for making it out. Changeling: the Lost p.48-49

Approval Level: Low

Goal: "Deny despair in preference of hope, and and together keep that hope alive where alone it would falter." Changeling: the Lost p.46

Court Stereotype: The Spring Courtiers will elegantly accomplish their desires; they will do so in order to one up the Others who would seek to entrap them. These Lost will choose to deny the past by making the present their own, but don’t offend their high standards of beauty or else you will be left to the side lines. There is also a twinge of guilt in this guileless reveling, due to watching others suffer as they soldier on in their pursuit of restless desire. Changeling: the Lost p.46-47

Heraldry: Antler Crown, blue and green of the season, new growth and unclouded sky, dawn, spring flowers or buds, eastern direction, ribbons, and other examples can be found in Changeling: the Lost p.48


  • Mantle 1


  • <1000CE - Founder Mother Susan sacrifices her child, creating the first Contract with Spring, and founds the Spring Court
Changeling: the Lost p.46, CtL Equinox Road p.29
  • <1850 - The Guild of Goldspinners is established - "memories of the most Wizened Masters"
CtL Lords of Summer p.133
  • ~1950 - A previous version of the Bodhisattva stage a take-over of the Spring Court, and are wiped out by an unknown force
CrL Lords of Summer p.46


  • Spring Revel
  • Homecoming

Associated Entitlements

Bodhisattva of the Broken Cage - CtL Lords of Summer p.43

Guild of Goldspinners - CtL Lords of Summer p.130

Satrapy of Pearls - Changeling: the Lost p.310

Associated Changelings

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