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Nova Albion Changeling the Lost

Welcome to the beleaguered Freehold of Vancouver, home to grim survivors and new arrivals.


History & Setting Information

((All of the information listed below can safely be considered in-character knowledge, unless otherwise noted.))

The Court Structure

The Terminal City Redoubt operates on a Seasonal Court structure. The crown is passed at the dawn of each season in a ceremony that requires the court coming into ascension to evoke the emotion associated with it in the monarch of the season now passing.

Spring Court


Recent History

  • The Spring Court, for the most part, didn't take an active part in the fighting during the Hard Year, preferring instead to keep the hearth fires burning for those who survived.
  • After 'one last revel', the 2013 transfer of the crown from Spring to Summer occurred when Asha Emberlin, (then) Knight of Summer provoked (then) Spring Queen Melia into taking a swing at her. Something about fetches...
  • The Spring Court hosted a Valentine's day event deep in the heart of Winter at which members of the Freehold could write down the names of people they secretly desired, forming a list that was read out at the end of the night.
  • The Spring Court hosted a potluck during the Spring Ascension of 2014
  • Then Spring Queen Melia hosted a gathering of Lost from across Canada, and places beyond, hoping to establish some kind of agreement for mutual aid. Negotiations were cut short by the arrival of mysterious entities calling themselves Hope and Charity, however...
  • In the dying days of Spring, 2014 the Spring Courtiers were visited by a strange dream of a benign ghostly crown trying to ward off a threatening silver crown and gradually failing.
  • After a round of spontaneous line dancing, the 2014 transfer of the crown from Spring to Summer occurred when Quicksilver the Ninja loudly and publicly informed (then) Spring Queen Melia that he was glad former Summer King Ignatius was dead.
  • The Spring Court, particularly Raymond Carter was instrumental in securing allies in support of the Shikar against the Pax Machina.
  • Former Spring Melia's life was tragically cut short by an explosion. Is there more to this story though?

Known Haunts

The former Spring Queen was known to be the director of a small theater company headquartered at Granville Island, which previously served as something of a base for the court's activities. Having mourned their Queen, the court slowly picks up the pieces - where will they establish themselves now?


Summer Court


Recent History

  • The Summer Court was decimated during the Hard Year, having served as shock troops. However, the court was never broken, as it was the remnants of the Iron Spear who lead the final charge against the Wyld Hunt
  • 2013 saw a resurgence in the Court of the Iron Spear, as new recruits being pouring in to help rebuild and defend the growing Freehold.
  • After accepting the allegiance of several new members of the Freehold, then Summer King Ephraim sent a volunteer force under the leadership of the Summer Court on a quest to retrieve a fragment of the sword that struck the killing blow.
  • The crown passed from Summer to Fall in 2013 when Arman Leto said something to then King Ephraim that caused the later to fall from his chair in fright.
  • An assault on the Autumn Coronation did its worst to the Summer Court, slaying the Estival Sovereign Ephraim and Bao of Summer. A third Summer Courtier died the same night in the Hedge.
  • After a long time without a ruler, Asha Emberlin claimed the crown. The Maiden voyage of the Undaunted served as the setting for the Summer Ascension of 2014.
  • At the height of Summer 2014, King Asha Emberlin lead the Freehold on a Shikar against the Pax Machina, wiping out this menace to peace in the hedge.
  • In the dying days of Summer 2014, the Iron Spear was nearly wiped out in a head-on attack against the Russian Mob. Though several Summer Courtiers soon lay motionless, their fellows carried them to safety, and the court somehow managed to escape without any loss of life.
  • After the Ashen Hunt in the dreamscape, Memersworth has become the newest member of the Summer Court

Image regular.jpg

Known Haunts
The late Summer King was known to be the Warden of St. Paul's Anglican Church downtown. With him passed, the Iron Spear has lacked a forward base, and many of its members have been on on patrol, leaving them unable to attend gatherings.


Autumn Court


Recent History

  • The Ashen Court lost almost as many members as the Summer Court during the Hard Year, being the first lines of defense against the more mystically oriented of the Fae.
  • Then King Byron called a successful Ashen Hunt on Terpsichore and her circus at the height of fall in 2013.
  • Shotgun Awe wrote a song that moved then Autumn King Byron to tears when the eponymous punk rocker performed it on the night of the 2013 Winter Ascension, but the crown stubbornly refused to budge until Anonymous and Memersworth of Winter took the lead.
  • King Byron was found dead in the basement of his shop shortly after the Winter Mask.
  • After the Spring Court was visited by recurring dreams that he interpreted as a warning against the dangers of allowing the seasonal crowns of the Freehold to lie dormant for too long, Arman Leto of Fall called the Trial of Autumn and ascended the throne.

Known Haunts
King Byron once owned a curiosity shop on Commercial Drive. Upon his passing, ownership passed to Arman Leto


Winter Court


Recent History

  • Did you see Ann-Marie's face after the Winter Ascension of 2013? She looked furious! And no wonder, her court's decision to rely on Shotgun Awe to pass the crown for them might have caused the ritual to fail altogether...
  • In the depths of Winter, 2013 the Winter Court hosted the Ashes to Embers ritual. Word has it that one Spring Courtier was so torn with grief that he plunged his own hands into the fire. During the night, several members of the Freehold who had died during the Hard Year came back to visit.
  • The crown passed from Winter to Spring after a brief discussion between then Queen Ann-Marie and Raymond Carter - what they discussed remains a secret, but it clearly had something to do with desire...
  • Queen Ann-Marie stepped down shortly after the Spring Ascension of 2014 in an attempt to avoid the curse which seems to have settled on the seasonal monarchs of Terminal City Redoubt. She disappeared shortly thereafter.
  • The Winter Court was unwilling to allow the crown to lie dormant for too long, and called a trial in which Ted, Silas Venture, Memersworth, and Crystal Frost participated. After a grueling competition, Silas Venture emerged victorious.
  • On the night of the Ashen Hunt, Memersworth arrived without her mantle, after being away since the Pax Machina battle. She later manifested a Summer mantle, but still has goodwill with her former court.
  • A new king of Winter has arrived, and his name is Cloth.
the Winter Court of Vancouver

Known Haunts
None of your business.


Dawn Court

Dawn Court.png

What does the sudden presence of Dawn in the beleaguered city of Vancouver mean? Is it a sign that the worst is over, or a sign of greater sacrifice yet to come?

Recent History
The Bloody Rose's arrival in Vancouver is a recent phenomenon. Its members know that great change for the better is possible, but in Terminal City, all great changes come at great cost.

Known Haunts
Dawn has not yet let it be known where they congregate.




The Courtless Lost of Terminal City - will they join the court structure in time, or will they remain on the outside?

Recent History


Former Members

The seasons come and go, and so do the Lost.


  • Moritat, Fairest Shadowsoul, Banished for violating personal rights of Freehold members, he has been remanded into the custody of the Blackbirds for A Year & A Day.



Gunned down by Walker, he was unable to stand. The Freehold discovered that his mind was addled by dream poison, so his life was banned.

When zombies attacked, she valiantly defended and died. It was a good death, filled with pride. (Metaphorically lives on as a sword and a curiosity at the Goblin Market.)

Died at the side of his beloved Bao, in a vain attempt to save her. His life was ended too early for this entrepreneur. (Although there are rumours that the two of them instead fled to a tropical paradise in an attempt to avoid police investigation of his club).

Driven mad by desire and despair. She killed herself, wanting no longer to care.

Perished in the hedge in a vain attempt to save her grief-maddened sister. She couldn't handle the thought have having to miss her.

The Summer King suffered a rash of zombie biting. Ephraim simply stopped fighting. In the aftermath of the attack on the Fall Ascension, a call went out the zombie bites were mentioned. Summer Court to rally around and save their King. Unable to save him, perhaps the Summer Court found him a weakling.

A.J. dropped dead one day and left their body on display. Everyone was sad that they went away.

Ann died to enemies unknown investigating a murder. She may have screamed, but no one heard her.

The former Ashen King was found dead in the basement of his shop, apparently the victim of a ritual gone wrong. Some say it's because of an accident, and other say it's because of a song.

It was ruled that the former Queen felt quite bloated, which ended when a fuel truck exploded.

It is unknown just how she died. Maybe the source of the information has lied.

Retaken while protecting another from being taken. And now he's eating their bacon.

He went to fight a mage out of the hedge. They teamed up against him, and now he's sledge.


Known Antagonists

  • The Vengeful Silver Prince - this was the name of the True Fae who fell during the Hard Year. Although presumed dead, the Keeper surely had allies who are plotting to avenge him.
  • Juan "Focus Laser" Beams - security guard extraordinaire, capable of seeing through any degree of stealth.
  • Rachel Tomens - the world's most cheerful necromancer hurled a brick through the window during the fall ascension with a note attached demanding the return of her friend. She's been dealt with, but the source of her powers remains a mystery.
  • The Headless Horseman - Haunts the highways and byways and tends to appear to travellers - he's the most likely to allow himself to be directly sighted.
  • The Hook - Appears in places that resonate with illicit desire, and tends to seek out those who are doing things which they know a majority of people would disapprove of.
  • The Slenderman - Enjoys using modern technology, and tends to appear to those who spend too much time on the computer.


  • Terminal City is getting annoyed with the way you say banal.
  • A strange plague is going through the children of the city, though it is unknown who is investigating it.
  • It is said that there was a Freehold hollow prior to the hard year, that it has since gone feral and now stalks the hedge.
  • The Freehold actually fell during the Hard Year and that what remains is a loyalist trap for new and foreign Changelings.
  • It wasn't the Olympics that brought the Gentry, but the rituals that lead to the creation of a Directional Court in the city. A Directional Court that is now in hiding.
  • A loyalist, or ex loyalist, is among the Freehold's ranks. They are feeding information back to there Fae master.
  • One of the Kings has lied about holding the crown.
  • Everyone is abandoning Winter. Memersworth was first, and she went to Summer. Will Ted be next, and go to Spring?

OOC Contact Information

New players are always welcome!
Please contact the VST well in advance to allow enough time for character creation and approvals.

There are two games a month associated with this venue - one meeting of the Freehold and one downtime game.
The 'main' game takes place on the third Saturday of the month, and the 'downtime' game takes place on the second Sunday of the month.

Locations vary, so please contact the domain staff for details.

Domain Coordinator: Brad Penstone

Domain Storyteller: David Attwell