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The Devil's Path has members in both the Dreaming Stone Sept and Watchtower Sept, and spends most of its time in the city of Atlanta dealing with spirits and threats.


Tasmanian Devil

Pack Members

Loophole - Alpha
Silicon Sentinel Ragabash Homid Elder

Greyscale - Beta
Silicon Sentinel Philodox Homid Elder

Ben North
Shadow Lord Ahroun Homid Elder

Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid Athro

Bone Gnawer Theurge Metis Athro

Joseph Fuller
Silent Strider Ragabash Homid Adren

Shadowlord Ragabash Homid Fostern

Honored Dead

Get of Fenris Ahroun Metis Adren

Remodulated Song
Glasswalker Galliard Homid Fostern

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