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The Night Market

“So many things to see, people to do.” – Neverwhere

Come one, come all
The Market’s Open.
Heed the Call
Have you Chosen?

What was lost
It can be found
Pay the Cost
And come around.

Wheel and deal
Whisper and Scream
Secrets Unrevealed
At the end of a Dream.

Night Market Services



  • There is nothing you can't get in the Night Market, you just have to know who to ask.

The Details

Purpose: To provide a safe and neutral supernatural market for the trade of goods and services, and to reward those who facilitate these market relationships.

Playstyle: Social and political PvP and combat PvE. Minimal combat PvP in order to enforce the safety and security within the Night Market. The entire market’s currency is based on boons.

Expected opponents: Other business structured groups, both PC and NPC. Opposing groups will also have issues with the ‘enforced’ neutral ground that will be imposed on all visitors to the Markets.

End State: To provide safe meeting locations for all of the supernatural world.

Players interested in this Conspiracy should contact: M. Hamilton or C. Corbin.