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The White Line

Who they are

The White Line, or Linea Alba to its more formal members, dates back to the 1200s when Zahra Blanc first began embracing what was initially a normal Tremere lineage. But soon it grew to include Tremere embraced experimentally as part of her research. Due to the disparate nature of the research, the line contains a wide range of personality types and skill sets. Those of the White Line can be found in nearly all of the larger houses and societies, and pursue just as wide a range of studies.

The White Line is quick to reiterate that 'House & Clan' come before lineage or any other loyalties within the clan, and it would be unwise for anyone to assume that its members are closely affiliated or loyal to one another.

If you are interested in joining the lineage, contact any of the members to discuss it. If you want to join and want help finding where you fit, contact Dawn Lloyd

As a Role Play note, most of the lineage members seldom talk about their lineage or the White Line. Although it's certainly possible that you have heard it referenced in-game, in which case you are free to use as much information as you were told ICly, this wiki is here as an OOC reference. It should not be taken to reflect IC knowledge casually available.

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