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The Tuatha De Fionn - (Children of Fionn)

Possibly the most knowledgeable people about the Fae outside of the Fae themselves. This camp of the fianna is perhaps the most traditional, following and performing rites and oaths that the majority of the tribe has long since forgotten.

While one of the smallest of the camps, they specialize in preserving the best of our pacts with the fair folk.

Membership is not open. Recruiters are always on the lookout for those who have been "touched", either by fae blood or simple madness. Either condition is almost a necessity to deal regularly with the Fair Folk.

Recruits are required to study under a full member for a long time, before they're taken to Arcadia Gateway, through the umbra, for some basic encounters with the Fae. Only then are they allowed to meet real changelings.

Seldom trusted by other Fianna due to their often strange practices and even stranger companions, they are never the less an integral portion of the tribe. They deal not only with the Fae but often carry and cultivate knowledge of other supernatural creatures from vampires to ghosts.

Many of the Tuatha de Fionn are themselves distant relative of the faeries. This fae blood can express itself in strange ways giving the Tuatha an ever more eclectic reputation.

Camp Gifts:

  • Sense the Unnatural (basic): As the Lupus Gift.
  • Name the Fae (intermediate): As the Lupus Gift: Name the Spirit, but it only functions on

determining the type and power level of Fae creatures and Changelings.

  • Geas (advanced): As the Philodox Gift.

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