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OOC Information

VST: Jeremy Ambrose
Game Schedule:
-- 1st Saturday: Tucson, AZ @ 8PM (Games & Gadgets, 2900 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ)
-- 4th Saturday: IRC Venue (#DesertRose-OoC) @ 7PM
All times are Arizona time (Presently MST).

Local History

From 1997 to 2007, the Camarilla had established a powerbase within Tucson and had let the Anarchs hold sway over the small town of Sierra Vista. Independents made the homes in the nearby cities and the Sabbat were believed to exist outside the territories of Tucson to the North and West. The Tower and the Anarchs had a Cold War relationship held between them and both assisted should the Sword decide to rise up and strike. In 2008, though, an unforseen strike from within the Tower itself caused the Praxis to weaken as Prince Victor Henderson of Clan Ventrue was murdered by his own Harpy, Maxine DuBois of Clan Toreador. As the Court reacted to this sudden treason, the Sabbat descended upon the Elysium and a battle began. When the dust and ash settled, the Sabbat stood victorious, though both sides had suffered some losses. The few remaining members of the Court fled into the night, licking their wounds and seeking out a new place to call home. Maxine DuBois retook her place within the Sabbat, having successfully infiltrated the Camarilla, and the Sabbat established their hold over the city.

Baron Curbstomp, Caitiff, led his Brothers and Sisters against the Sabbat when they attempted to move southward and were successfully pushed back, the Anarchs holding firm to their territory. Over the next 3 years, the Anarchs slowly built their Influences within Tucson, expanding cautiously outside of their own territory and into enemy lands. At the end of 2011, they saw fruit for their labors as the mortal populace of Tucson were made more aware of the threat and Hunter groups began developing. The Anarchs and Independents worked in tandem to provide the tools necessary for the Hunters, directing their Influences and Contacts to provide advice to the Hunters on the locations that the Sabbat would be found. A long two year war between the Hunters and the Sabbat broke out as the Hunters used guerrilla warfare against the Sabbat (aided at times by the Anarchs when they felt they would go undetected). By September of 2013, the Hunters had successfully routed a majority of the Sabbat and left only a few pockets remaining. Unfortunately, the strength of the Hunters turned their attention upon the Anarchs and Independents as well, seeing no such distinction and a skirmish began.

Both sides suffered heavy causalities with Baron Curbstomp falling shortly after New Year and his second in command, Tucker, stepping up to take the place. The Hunters were either killed or driven out and Southeastern Arizona lay quiet once more. In 2014, Anatalia Tokarevich would appear along with several other Kindred and once more establish the presence of the Camarilla within Tucson. The Anarchs had refocused their attention and expanded beyond the city of Sierra Vista with the guidance of Baron Tucker. The Sabbat, driven into the shadows, went unnoticed as they worked to re-establish their power once more.

Local Setting

Prince Tokarevich has taken Praxis over the Domain and has granted the city of Bisbee over to the Giovanni. Prince Tokarevich has made it known that Bisbee is Giovanni territory and that they will be policing it as they wish, with Right of Destruction (or whatever punishment they wish to exercise) against those that are caught within their Territory without permission. It is not known what, if any, deal was struck to cause this and to keep it in place even after The Promise was nullified.

The Anarchs are known to be a motorcycle gang that claims Cochise County as their stomping ground, President Tucker being the head of the MC. Recent events have caused the amiable relationship between the Tower and the local Anarchs to sour and now Prince Tokarevich has decreed that any Anarch found is to be shown the boundaries. If they happen to be staked while being shown the boundaries and the stake not removed prior to the body being left out in the sun, oh well.

Court Officers

Prince: Ted "Mad Dog" Mattox
Seneschal: Dead Cat
Master Harpy: Gumshoe
Keeper of Elysium: Vacant
Sheriff: Anatalia Tokarevich
Scourge: Vacant

Brujah Primogen: Chyna Doll
Gangrel Primogen: Luke Lupino
Malkavian Primogen: Agustus Atherton
Nosferatu Primogen: Pater Verus
Toreador Primogen: Anatalia Tokarevich
Tremere Primogen: Vacant
Ventrue Primogen: Friedrich Sebastian Rosenthal

Members of the Ivory Tower

OnyxPathBrujah.png OnyxPathGangrel.png OnyxPathMalkavian.png OnyxPathNosferatu.png OnyxPathDaughtersofCacophany.png OnyxPathToreador.png OnyxPathTremere.png OnyxPathVentrue.png
James Gibson Ted "Mad Dog" Mattox Agustus Atherton Pater Verus Ginger Sondheim Anatalia Tokarevich Friedrich Sebastian Rosenthal
Chyna Doll Dead Cat Gumshoe Isabella de Clare Talia Khalid
Luke Lupino


OnyxPathGiovanni.png OnyxPathSetites.png OnyxPathAssamite.png OnyxPathRavnos.png
Jakob Koenig Anna Goldsmith
Arrigo Giovanni

Regular Visitors

OnyxPathBrujah.png OnyxPathGangrel.png OnyxPathMalkavian.png OnyxPathNosferatu.png OnyxPathDaughtersofCacophany.png OnyxPathToreador.png OnyxPathTremere.png OnyxPathVentrue.png
OnyxPathGiovanni.png OnyxPathSetites.png OnyxPathAssamite.png OnyxPathRavnos.png

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