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Domain of the Dark Capital - VA-020-D - Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern VA

Dark Capital Official Logo


Domain Venues


Changeling2.jpg DC Lost - Congress of Oddfellows
Untitled.jpg DC Requiem - Shades of Grey
Mage logo.JPG DC Awakening
Sect-Camarilla.png DC Cam-Anarch - Enemies Closer
Sabbat Logo Black.png DC Sabbat - Cainites Rising
Apocalypse.jpg DC Apocalypse In the Shadow of Giants

Player Resources

Washington-dc Map.gif


In DC, we have two types of charity support - ongoing and seasonal. Ongoing support is for donation style support and is mostly handled on the member's own initiative. Seasonal support are events held quarterly for active support of an event. For information on our charity efforts, please contact the ADC Charities TBD.

Current National and Regional Charities

Neighboring Games:

  • Harrisburg PA
    • ???

Visiting Washington, DC?

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