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Ventrue Clan Symbol

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The Ventrue are the clan of Lords. Their mastery of the arts of Dominate allow them to infiltrate others minds and affect their actions. Also adept at Animalism and Resilience.


The Dominions

There exist within the United States a number of Dominions, each covering a vast area of several states and many cities of the Damned. Among the Lords, the term dominion means the reach and limit of one’s will. It represents not just physical range, but also a roster of subjects, contacts, and other targets which operate under one’s manipulation. The Dominions of the United States then represent the potential reach of the greatest Lord within it. In the interest the Admired, the scope of each of the Dominions has been accepted and marked out, political borders placed upon a map. (For the purpose of our chronicle, a Dominion is a Region.)

Each Dominion has a select number of Lords who exercise their personal dominion over it. While variation exists in accordance with the will of the Lords who might enforce it upon a Dominion, the customary structure of a Dominion is as follows:


In most Dominions, one Lord alone claims the title of Lare. Their sway over the Dominion is more profound than any other. They may be the oldest, the wisest, the fiercest, or all three. Colloquially a Dominion is often called after its Lare. “Lare Aeneas’ Dominion extends across the Great Lakes.”

  • Requirements: Status 5, can not have Bad Breeding
  • Claiming the title: A challenge takes place between all claimants, adjudicated by the Respected of the Dominion.
  • Losing the title: A Lare loses the title when they refuse a challenge that the Respected of the Dominion have agreed is valid.
  • Authority: A Lare may increase or reduce the status of any Ventrue within their Dominion by up to one level (to a minimum of Acknowledged) in a given month.


A Lare may select up to five Ephors to serve in their Dominion. Each Ephor advises the Lare and the Ventrue of the Dominion on matters of politics, history, and customs. Each Ephor traditionally serves as an ambassador to one Clan. The Ephor who serves as the ambassador to the Ventrue is generally considered to be the highest in a Dominion save for the Lare. Ephors also serve as record keepers, genealogists, and historians for a Dominion.

  • Requirement: Status 4
  • Claiming the title: Appointed by the Lare.
  • Losing the title: Dismissed by the Lare.
  • Authority: An Ephor speaks on behalf of the Ventrue of their Dominion to the Clan to which they are an ambassador.


A Lare does not rule by word alone. Many empower Auctors in the formation of a Crypteia, a clandestine coterie of Ventrue employed by a Lare to enact secret punishment against Kindred or mortal enemies of the clan, especially for the sake of maintaining the balance of power. The Auctors are expected to act at the command of a Lare and to do so in secret.

  • Requirement: Status 3
  • Claiming the title: Appointed by the Lare.
  • Losing the title: Dismissed by the Lare.
  • Authority: An Auctor is entrusted to carry out clandestine missions on the behalf of their Lare.

The Council of Lords

Nationally, the various Lare meet at least once each season to discuss matters which impact the clan as a whole. This can be disputes between Lords of different Dominions which have not been resolved by their respective Lare, threats which could benefit from the attention of the full brunt of the clan, or whatever else the Lare decide to discuss.


The Council of Lords is empowered to settle disputes between Lords of different Dominions in a majority vote. The Lare of each impacted Dominion is expected to them enforce the decision.

The Council of Lords is empowered to formally expel an individual from the Ventrue Clan, declaring them clanless, by a majority vote.

As is often the case with the Ventrue, the Council of Lords can exert whatever other authority and power they prove capable of enforcing on other matters beyond those enumerated above.

Known Ventrue

Caitlyn Barnes

Ventrue Bloodlines