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The City of Waco at Night.

Brief History

1886: The city of Waco became an official Camarilla Domain when Baylor University moved there from Independence, Texas and merged with Waco University. The Tremere behind the merger declared himself Prince and was known as Prince Butten.

1886 - 1973: There is not a whole lot of note that goes on during this period of time. Very few Kindred who are not Tremere are known to live in Waco (or stay very long). A majority of Kindred view it more as a Tremere Enclave and less a Camarilla Domain.

1945: Gossip in the Camarilla Courts was that Prince Butten’s Domain had attracted quite a few Anarchs. Many Kindred, especially those not well-disposed toward the Tremere, placed bets on how long the Domain might stay in Camarilla hands. They were all fairly dissapointed when this never came to pass.

1974 - 1975: The Kindred Court came into conflict with the Werewolves, but eventually marshalled the strength to defeat them. The Domain’s Scourge, Tomislav Chiurnaev, was offered to other Princes in the Region as an “Expert” in handling the wolves and traveled some to make sure that no Domain was having difficulties. For the next 29 years there was barely a peep heard from the shapeshifters in the South Central.

1981: Chiurnaev was elevated from Scourge to Sheriff and stopped traveling outside the Domain unless he was needed to handle a “Werewolf Problem.”

1988: Prince Butten stepped down as Prince and returned to the Old World. Chiurnaev claimed Praxis. One of Prince Chiurnaev’s first actions was to get rid of the Anarchs in his Domain.

1988 - 1992: It was during this period of the time that the Anarch Free State in the Texas Panhandle found itself under siege against an unknown enemy that eventually all but wiped them out.

1993: Hosted a grand celebration within his Domain. The only event of its kind during his reign. The only time that Kindred from around the Region were invited to attend a gathering.

2014, February: Seneschal Meir of Houston steps down as Seneschal of Houston and moves to the Domain of Waco and then claims Praxis as Chiurnaev returns to the Old World.

2014, Summer: Kindred of various clans from around the world move to Waco. It is rumored that Prince Meir called in old boons. For the first time in the Domain’s history there are Court Officers of clans besides Tremere. In August, the Domain is officially recognized by the Ivory Tower as being a full-fledged Domain and no longer “Petty.”

The Domain of Waco


Court of Waco

Prince: Solomon Meir
Seneschal: Karl Richter
Master Harpy: TBD
Keeper of Elysium: TBD
Sheriff: TBD
Scourge: TBD

Brujah Primogen: TBD
Gangrel Primogen: TBD
Malkavian Primogen: TBD
Nosferatu Primogen: TBD
Toreador Primogen: TBD
Tremere Primogen: TBD
Ventrue Primogen: TBD

Members of the Ivory Tower


Places of Interest

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