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Our next game will be Oct. 15th. Baltimore will be hosting a GOTM with Accord and Cam/Anarch on Oct. 8th. Your storytellers may well have been colluding, shhh. The first bit is ooc, the next bit is ic...

Rumors for people in the know because if you don't know, you don't know. The Salvation Army and other local homeless charity organizations are becoming concerned with the number of elderly homeless on the streets of DC, especially those with dementia who are obviously incapable of caring for themselves. This, as well as the good coffee caffeinated public on every McDonald's streetcorner being accosted by the now and again said homeless individuals has led to riders on recent legislation that is meant to help get these poor souls off the streets. These are the rumors of course, and this is government, how fast could it actually move? Only time will tell kiddies.

In other, closer to the undergrowth matters, Prince Rutherford appeared in his chair at Court (obviously informal court) reading a book, perhaps the influx of new folk to the city, as well as visitors got him to break obfuscate? Or perhaps he finally reached the end of his book, curious minds will never know because miss Chloe would most certainly warn them. However, if rumors are to be believed, a mortal mummified and then dusted in front of some members of the court in a manner that was most shocking. The fact the boat where the gathering was being held was attacked by a frenzying Anarch, one possible Sabbat and one unknown is still being investigated.

Chew on that for a bit and as always, if you see something, keep your trap shut unless you give it to me, right? right... Rumor

This Month's Game Description

October's game

Jen Kuiper’s house - 820 Belmont Bay Drive #102 Woodbridge, VA 22191.

Cam/Anarch -- Check in at 7:00pm. Game on at 7:30pm. Game off at 11:30pm.
Parking: Outside the building anywhere is fine, also you can park on the nearby side street or in the school parking lot nearby- you will need to be let into the building when you get there please call Jen 301-213-5235. House notes: There will be a non-game space available for babies/kids. There is a cat in residence. Remember that the parking people are being picky. You will probably have to park across the street at the school. Site Donation Requested: $1 to the coordinator on duty.

Useful Links

Game Instructions


We have a new, standardized Google form for Downtimes. Please use this for your monthly downtimes. If there are any bugs or issues with the sheet, please inform the ST.

Proxy Rules

BNS Status Overview

Once a vampire becomes Accepted by a vampiric society (Acknowledged for Camarilla-loyal members,) they may gain status within that society. There are three types of status.

  • Abiding (usually earned from a position)
  • Innate (usually from a merit or flaw)
  • Fleeting (usually received via patronage, maximum of 5 at any time)

Status traits may provide active effects as well as passive effects. These effects will go away once the status trait is expended or lost. Once spent, Abiding and Innate status traits refresh at the beginning of the next game. However, once spent, Fleeting status traits do not refresh.

Common Positive Status
The following are some of the common positive statuses found in the DC game.
Prince: Authority, Commander, and Sovereign
Seneschal: Noble, plus Authority at gatherings when the Prince is not in attendance
Primogen: Noble
Harpy: Prominent, Noble, Guardian
Keeper of Elysium: Enforcer, Guardian
Sheriff: Enforcer, Privileged
Elder: Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Ancilla: Confirmed

Please read the BNS material for the full listing of active and passive status effects.

Negative Status
Negative status traits represent some sort of stain on your character. Players should wear a significant mark to indicate the negative status. A character can give another character negative status based upon the positive status they hold, or per position.

Status cap
A character can claim status from 1 source of Abiding status (eg. Primogen or Elder, but not both,) all innate status, up to 5 fleeting status, and all (no cap) negative status.

Court of DC


Camarilla Residents of DC

Brujah Symbol.png

Gangrel Symbol.png

Nosferatu Symbol.png

Malkavian Symbol.png

Toreador Symbol.png

Tremere Symbol.png

Ventrue Symbol.png

Other Residents of DC

Independent Alliance;

Assamite Symbol.png
Giovanni Symbol.png
Ravnos Symbol.png
  • Ravnos
    • Lazuli of Istanbul, Elder and affiliated with the Camarilla

Anarch Movement;

  • Seneca, Anarch Ambassador of Washington D.C.
  • "Sharp", Anarch Constable of Washington D.C.

Notable Visitors to the Court of Washington, DC

Locations of Note

Either PC or NPC locations for that venue.

The Graveyard

Venue-Specific Timeline

NPCs and events of note

(ST's sandbox area)