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Wanderers, nomads, messengers, scouts, and spies. The Rovers are the eyes and ears of the Fianna out in the world.

The Whispering Rovers serve the Fianna and Gaia as traveling warriors and intel gatherers. They travel between Caerns, carrying word of warning of the dangers that lie beyond the relative safety of familiar territory. They have thousands of stories, they've been thousands of places, and their experiences will give the Silent Striders a run for their money.

The Rovers are a tight knot bunch, for a group of wanderers. Since the loss of the Elders, the members of the Whispering Rovers have formed strong bonds with one another, in large part due to the leadership of Cuin the Wanderer, and Declan Brennan. Each member of the camp can at least recognize the others by face, if not by name or by deeds. They've drank together, fought together, bled together, and quested together.

All before going their separate ways.

Joining the Camp

Membership in the camp typically requires the prospect to spend some time tagging alongside the more experienced Rovers. A life on the road away from hearth, kin and home is a hard decision. Many just do not take to it well. The purpose of the prospect period is to weed out the applicants that just can't adapt to a life on the road. It also allows the Rovers the chance to see how well the new recruit handles the pressures of the field.

Character Concepts

Outlaw biker, rockband roadie, cross country trucker, 'coyote', jaded world traveling dilletente, train hopping hobo, wandering minstrel, gearhead, traveling person, retired cop in a Winnebago, teenage runaway, southern drifter, rodeo star.

Inspirational Material

American Nomads

Camp Gifts

The Spirits have blessed the Whispering Rovers with secrets unknown to the average Fianna. Their specialized gifts are designed around ferreting out information and travel.

Basic: Heightened Senses (as the Lupus Gift)
Intermediate: Scent of Beyond (as the Philodox Gift)
Advanced: Gate of the Moon (as the Silent Strider Gift)