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It has been many a decade since the Gentry War ended in the Calcasieu region. The oral histories tell of valiant intelligent changelings who were lost and the rivers of their blood that flowed at the hands of the Lord of the Bleeding Swamp. Those same stories tell of a motley group, Alveus Sang by name, that managed to hold together and and lay him low, with heavy losses of their own technologies, powerful cities, and lives...... but as the stories go, that was a long time ago... Yet somehow many can still tell that the blood, shed from the Gentry War, still stains the grounds of Calcasieu Parish to this day, but now, of all times, the lost technologies are being uncovered and the swamps are beginning to bleed again. Those who know the stories, or have heard them are beginning to wonder. Could the Lord of the Swamp, who was thought dead all this time, have only been been sleeping? Could another Gentry be trying to come in to try to take claim on the lost changeling city? or worse a traitor of our own kind trying to hand it to one as a way to work back into the Others' favor? Or maybe it's bigger than that, something darker, more evil is trying to surface... More important that any of those, the main question that haunts all Changelings.

Where and when will I find a home?

These questions can only be answered through the blood that will be shed in the days that come...


1700s: The Lost were small tribes, who constantly fell at war with one another, yet curiously, they were always able to fight off their Keepers from impending attacks. Though there was chaos made from the changelings themselves, there was peace.

1771: The Lord of the Bleeding Swamp comes into our realm with a fierce army of followers that crush the changeling tribes and puts most of them into his enslavement. Those who resisted were slain by the powerful Gentry. The Great Courts make the area off limits making sure to leave signs for any travelers to avoid the area.

In 1793, A large group of changelings escaped from the Lord of the Bleeding Swamps. These changelings not only broke out but found a way to battle the Blood Lord, after so many years of planning.

1810: The refugees meet with a group of wolf men, that were known as the Eagle Pack. After negotiations with these wolf men, the Lost agree to do battle against the Blood Lord as long as the Eagle pack provided them with a place of refuge.

October 5th 1811: A terrible battle was waged against these Lost and the Blood Lord with only 3 of the Lost survived the battle and found a way to defeat the Lord of the Bloody Swamp. It is said that the freehold was filled with the blood of the changelings who fought in that battle so the survivors decided to call our freehold, "Alveus Sang". The three survivors, Rufus Blackbrute, Orge of the Summer, Amilia Florence Fairest of the Winter, and Luther Moonstone Wizened of the Autumn decided to name this area as the place of the freehold in memory of their fallen brothers. When they asked the Eagle Pack about needing an area that would make easy access to their freehold, the Eagle pack kept to their end of the deal.

1816: The Changelings of Alveus Sang work on a process of keeping the freehold protected and rebuilding the damage in the Hedge that was caused from the Battle against the Blood lord.

1827: The Changelings set up a spynetwork in the hopes of keeping any incursions of the Fae from spreading into the mortal realm.

1840: The Goblin Market is reformed by the work of both the hobglobins and the Freehold working together on the terms that that hobglobins would keep open business with the freehold for as long as the freehold stands.

1840s to 1880s: these decades are known as the “Golden Decades” as there are no real big events and peace rained for many years during this time. Though there were a few fights from briar wolves and other fae, nothing of great alarm.

June 4th 1882: A duel is declared between The Antler King, Dormain Rooney and the Iron Auditor,Hudson Flint , which the Iron Auditor claims that Dormain has over stayed his reign as king. The two decide on the traditional Spring Court duel of pistols. Hudson wins the duel and becomes the new King, while Dormain is banished from the freehold.

1883: Alveus Sang discovers that Dormain Rooney has created a city in the Hedge known as Lake City, The freehold claims the city to be off limits in fear that Rooney may becoming a True Fae.

1889: The Freehold goes into war against the Border Reavers, who have been doing multiple hit and run attacks and caused the murder of Hudson Flint and the Winter King.

1892: The war between the Alveus Sang and the Border Reavers comes to an end, the Border Reavers coming to near extinction in the area. The peace treaty is signed that the Border Reavers were to never bring war to the freehold.

1900 to 1910: A peaceful decade for changelings as a “Progressive True Fae” by the name of Lorn, Crusader of Virtues helped forged peace to the changelings. Though as time passed the “Traditional True Fae” grew restless of this peace and knew of Progressive True Fae’s plan to help the changlings.

1910 to 1920s: The hedge was claimed by the fires of the Gentry War as the freehold of Alveus Sang had discovered their ancient enemy, The Lord of the Bleeding Swamp, had returned. Lorn helped Alveus Sang in fighting against the Blood Lord. Though at the very end, the changelings could not recall what exactly happened during the battle and the “Progressive True Fae” disappeared.

1920s to 1930s: This decade was used for the freehold to rebuild itself and the hedge again. The freehold had also seen a major grow of changelings, it is discovered that some of these changelings came from the Lake City which was destroyed by the Lord of the Bleeding Swamp and no one could find access into the city.

1930s: The Autumn court makes decree at this time during the Great Depression as it is a time of fear, they would claim Kingship till the Great Depression comes to the end as they see this is a time for them to lead through. The Autumn King named was for this decade was Lucius Canan apart of the Scarecrow Ministry who lead the Autumn Court for many years before. The Great Depression caused many changelings to leave the mortal realm and go back to their Keepers.

November 4th 1939: Lucius Canan disappears with no word.

1940s: The Courts return to their regular cycle of transferring the crown. The Goblin Market raises in trade with the Freehold even more than usual to help in rebuilding the changelings who had lost everything during the time and for the loss of changeling lives.

1950s to 1970s: Artifacts of the Lake City started appearing throughout these three decades, bringing both blessings and curses alike. Bringing chaos to the hedge as the Fae and Changelings were constantly battling over the artifacts. After so many decades the Winter King, Owen Blizzard, brought an end to the conflict by collecting all of the artifacts that were around and sealing them in a place unknown to anyone except himself. On September 18th, 1978 The chaos finally relinquished by the leadership of Owen Blizzard who worked towards making pledges to calm down the Fae and together they form another goblin market in the hedge, which they called, "the Market of Orderly Devastation" which let Alveus Sang become chief of sales of the market.

April, 1st 1980: Notable scribe and recorder, Judah Kefkah of the Winter Court had joined the freehold noticing the changelings of Alveus Sang did not keep record of events. Judah shows Alveus Sang the creation of a code that a group of hobglobins formed to protect against true fae infiltration.

January 10th, 1982: The Fetch of changeling, Ren Narakura loses her mind in combat and kills her true self then devours the changeling. Creating the first ever recorded, Devourer in changeling history.

March 30th 1982: The devourer destroys "the Market of Ordely Devastation", eating every living hobgoblin in the market.

April 2nd 1982: The entire freehold realising the threat of the Devourer mobilize into the hedge and fight off the powerful creature.

April 4th 1982: After almost a full 48 hours of tracking the beast, the devourer surprise attacks the unit killing quite a few members of the freehold. Arin Novaburn, Beast of the Summer Court lets the devourer eat him. The Wizened Spring King, Kaiser Washington, seals the Devourer in a container that puts the creature in a stasis state and hides the key to the container from anyone's knowledge.

1983: after the rebuild of the Market of Orderly Devastation, the hobgoblins seal off changelings from going into the market in fear another incident would happen again.

May 18th 1986: Ryan Otis, Fairest of the Spring Court joins the freehold, bringing any goblin fruit and offering many changelings new identities and new homes.

January 1st 1990 to July 23rd 1994: The Lord of the Bleeding Swamp makes his return in the hedge but this time, he forms pledges with the briar wolves, the Border Reavers, and several other creatures. Alveus Sang readies for war to fight the oncoming swarm in the hedge. After 4 years, the freehold defeats the Lord of the Bleeding Swamp but at the cost of many changelings' deaths.

March 28th 1995: a new spy network is formed for the freehold with Judah Kefkah as head of the network.

April 16th 1997: the ever reigning King of Spring ?Ryan Otis finishes talks with the M.o.O.D (Market of Orderly Devastation) into inviting changelings back into the market with the promise of keeping business flowing between the freehold and the goblin market. December 10th 2002: A group of bridge burners known as "God's executioners" start destroying hedge gates in the Lake Charles Area in fear of catching the attention of the True Fae, the freehold starts actively working against the group trying to protect hedge gates from destruction.

July 17th 2005: God's Executioners are defeated many retreat from Lake Charles while the few who didn't were taken in by Ryan Otis to become apart of Alveus Sang.

February 22nd 2008, the freehold of Alveus Sang meet after almost two centuries, meet with the werewolf descendants of the Eagle Pack. The freehold discovers that the descendants have gotten into trouble with the Pure. The freehold king at the time was Rufus Blackbrute (it is known that is not the founder but a descendant), takes arms with the forsaken to face the Pure.

August 20th 2009, the Pure are defeated by the Allied forces of the Changelings and werewolves. Which an oath is made that the freehold will accept any changing breed into the freehold and the changelings would gove their power of pledges to help strengthen the pack.

March 12th 2010: Ryan Otis designates today being the 200th Anniversary of the freehold being the day when the ancient changelings and the eagle pack formed their alliance and throws a celebration with changelings amd werewolves alike.

October 5th, 2011. The Darkling Autumn King, Judah Kefkah sets up a ritual for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the freehold and the freedom from the Lord of the Bleeding Swamp. He builds a statue of disturbing image of bloodshed and the True Fae being impaled by a dying changeling who is severed in half.

November 18th 2011, Judah Kefkah disappears, all that was left behind in his hollow was a code index and massive pool of blood.

April 19th 2013, The freehold is gathered together under the rule of Ryan Otis, who is throwing a party in celebration of finding one of the ancient artifacts of Lake City in a location he felt was safe. As the night continues, more and more changelings kept disappearing through the night. It as discovered by Fox Fire that Ryan Otis was a Loyalist and was capturing the Lost and sending them to his master. He then activated the artifact which allowed Ryan Otis to escape and the changelings battling the robot that came from it.

June 20th, 2013, The Freehold has been actively searching for Ryan Otis (the Traitor to the freehold for the last two months and the freehold did not choose a King for it felt none were truly worthy of the crown. In response, Rufus BlackBrute (Who is actually a descendant of the founder of the freehold) claimed the summer holiday of Shikar will be the deciding factor on who will become King of the Freehold. After a very welll planned hunt, Ryan Otis was slain but at the cost that his followers decided that with their god dead and these demons were going to mind wipe them, they killed themselves. After they went back to the freehold, Rufus Blackbrute proclaimed that the Winter Court, Jackie Frost would be named the Queen of the freehold. When this happened Pirogue Pete, a Beast-HunterHeart of the Summer Court protested that it is not the place of the Winter Court to rule when it is the time for summer to rise. Suddenly Rufus Blackbrute's ploy worked which made Pirogue Pete as the new King of the Freehold.

July 27th, 2013, The freehold is finds out there is another artifact that is on sell at the black market, which the freehold gathers together to find the artifact which in turn tries to eat them. Luckily, the freehold of Alveus Sang are able to capture the robot and bring them back to the freehold. Pirogue Pete feels he is not good for the job as King so he surrenders the crown to Rufus Blackbrute to find another.

September 21st, 2013, The freehold is attacked and captured by the Lord of the Bleeding Swamp who nearly kills one of the changelings while the other ones luckily escape. The freehold of Alveus Sang is now lost and the changelings search for a new home

Character List

Player Name Character Name Kevin Day Archy (Kyle Jameson) Ryan Crouch Chris Doulear Matthew Mevis Marco Michael Roberson Pirogue Pete Allen Aguillard Yarrow

Summer Court: Seeming: Kith: Mantle:

Pirogue Pete Beast Hunterheart 3

Spring Court: Seeming: Kith: Mantle:

Yarrow Fairest Flowering 1

Autumn Court: Seeming: Kith: Mantle:

Marco Fairest Flowering 2

Winter Court: Seeming: Kith: Mantle:

Archy Darkling Antiquarian 2

Chris Doulear Darkling Mirrorskin 2


None at the moment