Catharyn Tilden

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Member in good standing of The Host.

Ductus: Amitiel
Members: Umyrk, Storm, Alex, Jude, Deuces


"Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

~ Margaret Thatcher


Notable Traits:

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  • Man's ruin
  • That guy was a milk run
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  • Man's ruin
  • That guy was a milk run


From others:

  • "She has class, and skill. If I need a thing and I can't get my hands on it, I can get my hands on her and she will get it." - Jude
  • "At the moment when all seemed lost, the pack would have destroyed the world itself to get you back." - Alexander Hawk
  • "The Host is not a group of individuals but a single entity with a single purpose. It is no accident we found her again." - Amitiel
  • "If there's one thing I've learned, about The Host, in my brief time with them; every packmate is valued. There's something that we all bring to the table that gives us strength. I have not actually met the true one, yet. But, the pack went to great lengths to find her. That shows me she is of significant worth. I look for the night she arises and I can see what they all see." - Deuces Wilde
  • "Let's get you home, hot stuff." - Jude
  • " شما در خانه خواهر کوچک " - Umryk
  • "Not even Caine himself can protect those who hurt this sister...they will pray to the Dark Father for a release that will never come..." - Storm
  • "I imagine her gifted name has caused her great scrutiny. I only wonder what mysteries and secrets the Bishop guards. Maybe one day my sister will share them." - Ambriel

From herself:

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Sabbat PC

Player: Shannon Knudson
Character: Catharyn Tilden
Clan: Ventrue Antitribu
Position: Priest
Status: Initiated, Ordained Fleeting: Battle Scarred, Loyal
Domain: TX-065 "No Witnesses" Sabbat VSS
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Player: Shannon Knudson
MES Number: US2015050085
Location: Austin, Tx
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