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Name: Catherine

Clan: Lasombra

Notable Traits:

  • For the moment, this PC is erased from existance. Thank you Eater of Names. :D
  • Shadows seem to reach out toward her as she moves.
  • She also seems to use her powers of obtenebration as though they were nothing to her... They happen quicker, and more easily than others.


  • Initiated

Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known by Lore: Clan Lasombra

  • Rumored to be an abyss mystic.


  • "She speaks to shadows"
  • Additions Welcome


  • "We who are of the Shadows understand each other upon meeting in a way that no outsider ever will. She is a sister of the shadows, thus, has my loyalty."- Thomas Severus
  • "Little Sister's curiosity can lead to dangerous revelations. I hope with time she can temper that." - Celeste Lennox
  • "She's someone i respect. If i were not a member of the Hand and on orders elsewhere i'd join her pack and follow her to the uttermost heart of our foes." - The Shadow of North Dakota

Feel Free to add any you would like!


Sire: Ambrose

Character Soundtrack


"Beware the savage cry that rends the night, the seething form that swallows earthy light.. the gleaming claws that carve the nightly feast, for nothing saites the endless hunger of the shadow beast..."

"From the day comes the night time... God save the children... From a life comes a death.. Promised redemption.. Leave this child the Lord's vessel.. it's he who commands you..."

"Enticing humans to release them chanting dreadful songs.. Oh tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe! Oh tidings of madness and woe!"

"Follow sweet children, I'll show thee the way.. through all the pain and the sorrow... Weep not poor children.. for life is this way.. Murdering beauty and passion..."

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Camarilla
City: Birmingham, AL
Player: Mary Dubuisson
Storyteller: [mailto: Ed Coleman]

Name: Mary Dubuisson

MES Number: US2013040019

Location: Gulfport, MS

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