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Name: Catherine Ash
Alias: Annabelle Saunier, Annabelle Edwards, Miranda Saunders, Annie Wallace
Apparent Age: 25
Conspiracy: Lucifuge
Faction: The Denial
Division: The Gatekeepers
Rank: Journeyman
Current Location: Miami, FL


Statuesque with pale skin, strikingly blue eyes, and chocolate-brown hair, Catherine has a sort of timeless beauty that oftentimes seem difficult to find. Her frame is toned and quick, flexible, and her eyes carry in them a weight of age that belies her youthful appearance. Her manner of dress is often practical but still flattering, the woman preferring simple tops and fitted pants with practical boots and leather jackets.

In battle, her appearance changes dramatically, her body covered in armored plates the color of charcoal, her eyes burning a startling crimson - glowing like embers. Yet even that isn't her strangest form...when necessary, Catherine transforms into a towering demoness with raven wings accented with crimson and curving horns, her frame quick and powerful.

"Casual" Outfit

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks 4


Accord PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Creature Type: Hunter
Conspiracy: Lucifuge
Division: Gatekeepers ••
City: Miami, FL
VST: Alicia Cameron

IC Email: Catherine Ash

Conspiracy lucifuge.png

Character Information

Easy-going and down to earth, it's Catherine is easy enough to get along with. Those that get to know her will find that she's a caring woman with a strong personal code - one that she holds herself to strongly. Her loyalty is unwavering, but when lost it can't possibly be recovered. Betray her once, and she never forgives.


Syndariel, the Fallen

Syndariel the Fallen.jpg

A demon of great power, bound and controlled. Syndariel is an entity of wrath, of vengeance and battle, and ultimately of victory. Appearing as a tall, porcelain-skinned woman with raven-colored hair and crimson eyes, she might be easily confused for a ghost were it not for the rest of her - great, black wings dripping blood spread from her back, and her powerful frame clad in archaic, pitted black armor and robes of bloodstained white. She is a beast caged by the power of the demonic blood flowing in her Mistress' veins, forced to serve for well over a century. Though she harbors a deep resentment for the woman that holds her reins, she also holds a respect for a woman of such power. She serves grudgingly, knowing that the woman could banish her back to the pit at any time...and secretly reveling in the wrath and destruction that follows her.


Ghostly woman.jpg

A spectral woman that always lingers around Catherine, Emma appears as if she'd stepped out of a period piece. Dressed in a gown from the late 19th century, she resembles Catherine in almost every detail save appearing a few years younger. Moreover, around her hangs an air of melancholy, her expression one of deepest sorrow, and dark stains marring the the wrists of her long sleeves.

Despite her melancholy and passive nature, though, Emma is protective of Catherine - wailing like a banshee to deafen those who strike out at the other woman, or projecting her melancholy and mental anguish onto them. Her sister was the sole bright spot in her life, and she refuses to let her be snuffed out.

Out of Character


  • Vanessa Ives - Penny Dreadful
  • Sara Pezzini - Witchblade
  • Morrigan - Dragon Age

Ties Sought

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  • Whatever! ^_^

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