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“Even as a child she had lived her own small life all within herself. At a very early period she had apprehended instinctively the dual life—that outward existence which conforms, the inward life which questions.”
— Kate Chopin, The Awakening

Born: August 9th, 1954 ‡ Embraced: December 31st, 1989 ‡ Deceased: April 3rd, 2016

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Name: Catherine Anne Pershing
Camarilla Position: Prince of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Clan Position: (IC for Ventrue Only)

  • Strategos of the United States of America (Great Lakes-Mississippi Heartland)
  • Matriarch of House Oviedo

Clan Faction: Fellowship of Lords
Notable Traits: Deliberate, Calculating, Calm
Status Traits:

  • Acknowledged (Accepted) as a member of the Camarilla in Atlanta in 1994.
  • Confirmed (Abiding) as an Ancilla of Clan Ventrue in 2000.
  • Sovereign (Abiding) as Prince of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Authority (Abiding) as Prince of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Commander (Abiding) as Prince of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Favored (Fleeting) by Elder Prince Walter Jones of Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Favored (Fleeting) by Elder Torquil Moireasdan of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Loyal (Fleeting) by Justicar Eluwilussit of Clan Gangrel.
  • Victorious (Fleeting) for winning the May 2014 Symbel in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Physical Description: Hair is usually pulled back into a tight chignon with not a hair out of place, Cate is an exemplary model of a thoroughly modern woman whose manner of dress has slowly evolved. Her style, once utilitarian, has become tastefully fashionable and noted by many within society. She prefers solid colors to patterns, and usually accents her outfits with understated jewelry pieces.

High-Level Concept: No-holds barred corporate shark turned Prince navigating a very treacherous and uncertain sea.

RP Role: Influence manipulation and denial, political maneuvering, silent witness.

Persona: Introspective, reflective, genial, yet cold and calculating.

"Bear and endure:
This sorrow will one day prove to be for your good."



House Oviedo

"Beati Qui Durant - Blessed are those who endure."
— House Oviedo family motto


  1. Ovid Financial Consulting: An elite investment firm only available to the financial power brokers of the Camarilla. It is housed in the building that formerly house the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and retained some of the art collection in the acquisition of the structure.
  2. Paddock Place Gallery and Gardens: Built as the home of Augustus Paddock, it was later converted into St. Bernadine's Priory when it was bought by the Order of Franciscans. When the Grand Rapids Diocese downsized, the palatial estate was put up for sale where it remained as such until recently when developers seized on the downward sloping property market and restored it to it's former glory.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
— Aristotle


  • Aegis du Dignitas: An Artisan Main Gauche crafted by Elder Alexis DuChamp, gifted to Catherine at the Grand Symposium of Princes in Battle Creek on May 24th. It invokes feelings of deference (Absent Sway: Deference) and bears the following inscription: "Guard your heart well, and let it guard you in turn."
  • Noblesse Oviedo: A jeweled scepter crafted by Elder Alexis DuChamp out of iron and silver, the surfaces feel as though it was made of silk instead of metal. It projects an air of refined dignity (Absent Sway: Refined Dignity) and bears the following inscription: "Strength alone makes a brute - strength with wisdom and dignity, a champion."


  • "Dignity, poise, grace under pressure, everything you'd expect from a good Ventrue, but she is so much more if one is daring enough to try and look." - Spencer
  • "She shows promise. Drive. Energy. All things that Clan Ventrue needs these nights." - Kristian Vasa, Patriarch of House Oviedo.
  • "Lady Pershing is an exemplar of her Name, she shows the respect and statue of her family name, she also is a star for her family to be proud of, I do hope to see her back in Fredricksburg." - Virgil Maxwell
  • "Sometimes, I look at my daughter and see myself staring back with only a century between us. Of all my family, she is the most precious to me." - Adeline Bellamy
  • "I'm not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you." - Calvin Hastings
  • "Cate is not the usual kind of Ventrue I tend to associate with, but she shows a great respect for knowledge. That endears her to me, somewhat." - 'Juice' Emmerrich Minkov
  • "There is a silent power lurking within her. Of course it's no surprise, she has good parents after all." - Atlas
  • "I saw her down in Nashville. A striking figure, she wouldn't have looked out of place had she been chiseled from marble. I'd wonder what her reaction to me would be, but she never got the chance to see me. - Kilroy, Archon to Justicar Cole
  • "Prince Pershing is a singular woman - strong of resolve, sharp of intellect, and unwavering in loyalty. She is an example of what a true Lord should be." - Vanessa Blake
  • "The metamorphosis of Prince Pershing has truly surprised me. From the kine I met all those years ago to the Prince I have had the privilege to meet with today, her determination and preservation in the face of all that she has faced serves as an example to all." - Elder James Harlan
  • "I heard that she's made something of herself since we first met back when she was still alive. Good on ya love. And a Prince to boot! I think that I need to reconnect with her sometime and see if she still has need of my "uses". - Nigel York
  • "Pride and strength of her House and family. Prince Pershing is singular in every way." - Isabelle Monroe
  • "Prince Pershing is the epitome of grace and poise. I consider it a distinct honor to perform for her when she asks." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "In many cases something broken is merely something given an opportunity to return as something stronger. I know this better than most. You are made of sterner stuff than your Sire, Catherine Pershing. That I can tell you with all honesty." - Archon David D. Steiner
  • "Prince Pershing has shown me what a Prince looks like, acts like and thinks like. She has given me an immeasurable gift in that comparison." - Veronica Devries
  • "Prince Pershing is that rare example of new world ambition coupled with old world grace. Watch her, for her star is in it's ascension." - Benedict Sebastien Cross
  • "Prince Pershing is a delight! She's able to handle immensely stressful situations that would break lesser Kindred, and she handles it all with the grace befitting a Prince." - Kilroy
  • "Efficient and calculating. Prince Pershing takes no actions without metered observation of her surroundings. A true gift to her Praxis." - Henry Cayce
  • "Prince Pershing is a shining example of who for many years my family desired me to become. I'm only now starting to make strides towards it. I've grown over the past year from fearing her to admiring her for her ruthlessness. But like a diamond in the rough, I'm only now beginning to understand her true beauty behind the public facade." - Charlotte Belle
  • "I will stutter like an idiot if I ever meet her. But she's super well spoken and graceful on the webs. I'd go with she's cool." - Kendall Bailey
  • "As graceful and poised as a good Ventrue should be. She's been ever the pleasant and polite visitor in Sioux Falls." - Isabelle Marie
  • "Δύναμη . Ελέγχου. Pride . Αφοσίωση. Πολύ σεβασμό για τον πρίγκηπα , συνετό να μην θυμό." - Stoneking
  • "The wise take note of her meteoric rise. Watch her carefully. The influence she wields is greater than her sire's ever was. It helps that she is possibly the most competent of her age that I have ever met. And a wonderful host." - Reading Gaol
  • "Prince Pershing is the definition of grace under pressure. She understands that hands don't kill. Will kills." - Angus Hudson
  • "I am, if anything, merciful; and by that grace, and by that grace alone, she exists." - Constance Fournier
  • "The young Prince seems to have it all. Poise, ability, beauty, and lineage. And of course, my darling Rene le Salle. She is a wealthy Kindred indeed, and not just as a Ventrue." - Petra Palailogina
  • "Back when I was a Ghoul, my sire told me stories of Princes he had seen throughout the years. I heard stories of Princes who were tougher then anyone knew. I heard stories of Princes who lead their Domains into prosperity and greater wealth. I heard the stories of Princes who made the world a much, much better place. Prince Pershing is, and has done, all of these things. She will go far, and I want to see the stories that come from her leadership." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "there ain't any words that can sum this up. she knows. she's my sire. she knows everything." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "I've met a lot of Princes. Each one was unique, with different styles of leadership and hold over their various Domains. But then I met Prince Pershing. To be blunt, I have only met a very small number of people as passionate and strong as Cate. She has given so much to those who needed help and has a strength that very few can match. Cate is not a Prince. She is a Queen who gives pieces of herself to make the world around her the best it can be. I am glad to know her and I'm even happier to call her a friend." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch


  • "There is no height I aspire to and don't achieve. Excellence is, after all, a habit."
  • "I'm not going to tell the Elder he's wrong." - In response to Elder Sasha Stormcrow referring to herself as a queen.
  • "Beauty fades over time. It is a bit different for those of us who are long lived, but the beauty of a soul can either grow or become tarnished, and that is where the real tragedy lies. A pity, sometimes, when the most beautiful of souls is taken long before its time." - Said to Eirich von Schreiber in Sioux Falls.


  • Apparently, Prince Pershing should be held to the same standards as spoilt teenage movie stars. Or, at least, so says Michael Cayhill.
  • How could one so young reach such heights in her Clan all within the span of a year? Perhaps she is not as young as she appears to be.
  • The only Kindred to see her basement are either in gun safes down there or hanging on the wall in a Dustbuster.
  • Is reputed to be quite a painter in her own right, but no one has seen any of her pieces displayed publicly.
  • Broke one of the hardest of hearts in the Camarilla and brought an ancient Elder to tears.

"The supreme art of war is to
subdue the enemy without fighting."
— Sun Tzu



Catherine Pershing

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Player: Erykah Fassett
VST: Nate Marzolf

Name: Erykah Fassett
Member Number: US2011017295
Domain: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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