Catrin Magaldi

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Character Information

Name: Catrin Magaldi
Clan: Malkavian
City: Atlanta, GA


  • Abiding
    • Acknowledged as a Member of the Camarilla
    • Confirmed as an Elder
    • Established as an Elder
    • Privileged as an Elder
  • Fleeting
    • None

Notable Traits:
Catrin is a young woman of unusual descent attends for the first time. Her long straight, black hair and dark complexion screams an Egyptian origin, but her sharp nose and jawline suggest somewhere else, Greece perhaps. Her dress varies with her moods, from jeans and a t-shirt to a corset and skirt. When her shoulders are exposed a bluish black tattoo can be seen along her right collar bone. .


Known Accomplices and Allies:


  • 1525 - Aikaterine joins the Camarilla, after spending time in seclusion. Few modern Kindred know any details of her life prior to joining the sect.
  • 1525 - 1850: Travels throughout the Europe and the Middle and Near East,
  • 1850: Arrives in North America and enters torpor.
  • 1920: Aikaterine awakens from torpor and takes on the name Catrin.
  • 1920-1950: Catrin travels the US
  • 1950-2015: Catrin opens and runs a BDSM club in Maine.
  • 2015: Catrin moves to Atlanta


  • Elder Catrin is quite the artist, though her subject matter is disturbing.
  • Elder Catrin has a strange aversion to roses.
  • Catrin does not disclose the identity of her sire to hardly anyone, very few people know the name of her progenitor.


  • "Few of our kind can comprehend true commitment to an ideal or a vision greater than the self. She not only has such faith, but the strength to help shape the world to give such vision life. Underestimate her at your peril." - Victor Graves
  • "She is not kind, she is not gentle, she is not loving. Some would dislike a Sire lacking those traits. What she is seems far more important - intelligent, insightful, and willing (even eager) to open her mind to all the of the world's possibilities. Personally, that sounds better." - Dabria and Sarea du Blodyn

OOC Information

Player: Miranda Rosenblum
MES Number: US2002022650
VST: Brian Walton
DC: Rowan Artemis