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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu •••
Conspiracy: The Pact •••••
Cadence: 2
City: Albuquerque, NM •••
Player: Marco Terrazas
Storyteller: Joe T.
  • Full Character Name: El/La Catrina
  • Titles:Heirophant of Albuquerque, Public Face of the Nosferatu
  • Nicknames: Miss Catrina, Mister Catrina, The Witch, El/La Catrin
  • Apparent Age: Late 20s
  • Embrace:
  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Covenent: Circle of the Crone
  • Coterie:
  • Player Name: Marco Terrazas US2002066274

Dotd.pngPhysical Description:

Wearing an elaborate day of the dead style skull mask, bedecked in Aztec jewelry, fine clothing and wearing a top hat adorned with the flowers of the dead, Catrina looks like a walking representation of the doll dandies he/she/it takes its namesake from.


Catrina is a feared denizen of the city of Albuquerque, known to be a prominent leader of the enigmatic and deadly Nosferatu House KæThon (C'Thon) as well as the Heirophant of the local Circle of the Crone. Catrina is known to be a powerful blood sorcerer(ess), a fearsome brute in combat, as well as a ruthless and unflinching steward of Death; going to great lengths to preserve the murderous right of the local Nosferatu over Final Death.

Dotd.pngWhat?... Catrina?

The moniker "Catrina" in this case, has neither to do with the name Catherine nor iterations thereof. It is used as a descriptor in Spanish; Catrin or Catrina meaning fancy, elegant, dapper or dandy. To the right is "El Catrin" or the Dandy from the Mexican variant of bingo known as "La Loteria" in which images are called out, rather than numbers.

La Calavera Catrina was a famous etching by José Guadalupe Posada and the term has been co-opted as a moniker for an art form practiced throughout Mexico in which figurines of skeletons wearing elaborate clothing are depicted going about as they did in life, often socializing, going for a stroll, or working their profession. The dolls are meant to represent denizens of the world of the dead, in which oftentimes the deceased continue living their lives, unknowing or uncaring of their deceased condition.

The actual name of the thing called Catrina is actually unknown.

La Loteria - El Catrin
Examples of Catrina Dolls
Famous Etching "La Calavera Catrina"

Dotd.pngRumors and Lies

  • Catrina is far older than it leads on.
  • Catrina is a Crone, and no we don't say it slaughtering the correct term for a member of the Circle of the Crone, we mean it is an f'ing Crone.
  • Catrina used to be a member of the Lancea Sanctum.
  • Catrina is obsessed with death, leads a death cult, speaks with ghosts, and is a zealot.
  • Catrina will murder you without provocation.
  • Catrina is a horrifyingly proficient blood sorceress/sorcerer, and should be watched carefully around personal possessions.
  • Catrina spends its free time fullfilling dark wishes, murdering mortals for the faithful among its cultists.
  • It is said Catrina is insane and talks to itself with noone is watching. The truth is it has a small cadre of enslaved souls whispering in it's ear.

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Marco Terrazas

Marco Terrazas

Cam Number: US2002066274
Gtalk: titusterrazas
Location: Albuquerque, NM

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