Cecil Deal

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Cecil Homid.jpg

Cecil Deal

Deed Names:
Peace Walker (Cliath)
Tempered Heart (Fostern)

Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Camp: The Patient Deed
Sept: Looking Glass Sept
Notable Traits: Huge Size, Child of Gaia Pure Breed [3], One Eye, Naive, Soft-Hearted, Cursed, Sign of the Wolf



Glory: 5
Honor: 3
Wisdom: 1



Child of Gaia.gif

Player: Kirk M.
VST: David B.

Appearance: The Forms

Lupus: Looks more like a grey dire wolf of old with fur so grey it's almost silver. Tall and broad showing a much more northern European heritage as opposed to American wolves.
Homid: Just under seven feet tall with a large full frame that makes him look like Olympian athlete. Long grey almost silver hair that touches his shoulders and matching shaggy body and facial hair.
Crinos: Not a common form seen much until lately, just under fourteen feet tall if standing completely upright, which he rarely does for combat and movement so he looks about twelve feet tall. Grey almost silver looking hair with some course white underbelly fur. Likes to smile a lot in this form which even with the teeth and claws is quite noticeable.
Marks and Scars: Sign of Wolf glyphs that appear all over his body that will glow a deep silver in the moonlight that change largely based on his mood. Yellow wolf eyes even in homid except that his right eye is obviously blind and glossed over white but the yellow is still easily seen if you're close enough. Raised scar, fur marks, of tribe Children of Gaia, breed lupus, and auspice ahroun over the top of his chest. A golden symbol of Hope, the Atlanta clockwork phoenix over his solar plexus that's visible in all forms making his fur gold there. Battle scar of bale fire burns going down the right side of his face that even shaggy facial hair doesn't cover up. Various other glyphs, symbols, and scars all over his body including his sister's, Sophie Deal, names as raised scars, fur marks, over his left rib cage.


A man like Cecil has two basic modes that dictate his mood around others: angry and not angry. Under normal circumstances, he's beyond friendly, warm, hopeful, and optimitic with this desire to hug everyone he knows and meets, even having a tendacy to smell and sniff people, places, and the things he comes across. Makes bad jokes and acts very human considering he was born a wolf. Then he gets angry and succumbs the the monsters that garou are. Over protective, worried, violent, hyper aggressive, mean, and with at anyone that seems like they may endanger someone else. With his rage, Cecil wears for good or bad or playful or any and everything in between on his sleeve.

History, Life, Family

Born almost nine years ago in the north Georgia mountains to the garou elder Dances with Hope and a wolf father kinfolk. Speaks very openly about the simple and pure life in those mountains and forests that make up the region. Changed after a tragedy that his first mate and children died leaving him blind in his right eye. Met his sister, who he named Sophie Deal, soon after that. Spent the majority of the next few years in a caern and sept that his mother was leader over and acted as a bodyguard traveling the world over protecting and scouting for higher ranked members of the nation. Spent the last two years with his mother and sister preparing to find a sept in need of their different views and services. Cecil praises his second mate and the five litters they've made so far and the grandchildren they've made. Refers to them as his wife, children, and grandchildren notably and puppies if he's in in normal particularity good mood.

Reputation and Hearsay

Pfddot.png Most garou believe him to be a ragabash.
Pfddot.png He spends more time in homid than other forms so he can live among humans.
Pfddot.png He will hug any garou.
Pfddot.png Cecil secretly despises homid garou because of their horrible treatment of metis and blase attitude for lupus.
Pfddot.png He would rather die for humans than live with garou.
Pfddot.png Cecil believes in the one tribe, and refuses to attack or hurt other Gaian garou.
Pfddot.png A Hippocratic werewolf: Cecil is a healer, no matter what. He heals anyone injured or sick despite factions or personal problems.
Pfddot.png He is a defender and supporter of kinfolk rights.
Pfddot.png Cecil is honorably mated with extensive family.
Pfddot.png Battle scarred and tough, Cecil has never been knocked unconscious from battle damage, and this isn't from lack of trying.

What People Are Saying

Pfddot.png"I've always had this idea that I'd die for my people and do so with a smile on my face. But my sister's the first to make me want to live for my people instead. Sophie doesn't smile much, but when I get her to I remember what living for is all about." - Cecil Deal
Pfddot.png"Cecil is sweet, kind, and generally everything one hopes a Coggie Ahroun can be while still being fearsome in battle. I'm honored to be counted among his friends." Tia Ragins
Pfddot.png "Light spirited wolf who has become a father to me in so many ways that repaying such kindness will be an honor I look forward to." - Kieran O'Donnell
Pfddot.png "I respect a Garou who acknowledges his own faults and strives to correct them. Cecil has much to learn, but also much to offer." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
Pfddot.png "Uncle Cecil was one of the first garou that I met from another tribe while I was still kin, and taught me to expand my horizons. I'll always be grateful to him for that." - Serena Argyris, Stalks the Forest

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