Cecilia Barker

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Character Information
Clan: Ghoul
Sect: Camarilla
City: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Player: Katherine Viola
Storyteller: Ariel

For the Record

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Sterling Thorne, Former Regnant
Zahra Blanc, Former Regnant
Lazaro, Current Regnant


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  • May 1st, 1851: Cecilia Barker is born. Even as a young child she has a flair for the dramatic and strange.
  • 1870: Following the death of her first child, Cecilia meets Sterling Thorne and leaves her mortal husband for Sterling.
  • 1875: Cecilia travels with Sterling to Avignon, France. It's there that she meets Zahra Blanc. Cecilia and Sterling's relationship, already strained, suffers even more when he decides against embracing her.
  • 1876: Sterling loses Cecilia to Zahra on a bet, or so Cecilia is told.
  • ???: Zahra passes Cecilia on to her childe Lazaro
  • Early 1900s: Lazaro and Cecilia travel back to the United States, settling in South Florida. Fort Lauderdale is just being established. In her free time, Cecilia amuses herself by first reading about, and then tinkering and creating, radios.
  • Early 1940s: Cecilia returns to her old hobby of messing with radios and eagerly finds her way onto military stations. She learns the basics of several languages this way, but keeps the information and translations she uncovers to herself (and Lazaro). The end of the war signals the end of this particular facet of her hobby, and Cecilia shifts her focus to public broadcasting.
  • 2004: Cecilia establishes her newest mortal identity by posing as a college student of journalism and telecommunications.
  • 2013: With Lazaro's permission/encouragement, Cecilia finally begins to acquaint herself with the local Camarilla members.
  • Late 2014: Attack on Chantry. Cecilia escapes, with seemingly no memory of what happened.



  • Interns at the radio station swear that they've heard her mumbling about "perfect hair" during breaks
  • Did the tattoos on her hands just blink?

Traits and Quirks

  • Cecilia has intricate eye tattoos on both of her hands.
  • She likes to drum her fingers on almost everything.
  • Cecilia really likes lollipops. She's always got a handful with her.
  • Her eyes are a very unsettling shade of purple. They'd be pretty if her gaze wasn't so piercing.

A Few Interviews

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OOC Information

Player Information

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Player: Katherine Viola

MES Number: US2012070087

Location: Broward, FL


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