Cedric Wadsworth

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: John "Decker" Pool
Storyteller: Nick K.
Cedric Wadsworth

Sire: Adam Smith
Lineage:The Coronati Lineage

Notable Traits:

Cedric Wadsworth is known for being unfailingly polite, a trait that combined with his impressive record keeping skills earned him the position of Harpy of Denver. He dresses conservatively, but humbly, preferring a simple vest and bow tie. Equally of note, while he makes no attempt to hide that he is Malkavian, beyond mild obsessive compulsive tendencies, he has yet to demonstrate any obvious signs of affliction of his clan. If this is due to his relatively young age or he has found some secret to controlling his behavior is unknown.


  • Former Harpy of Denver, Colorado
  • Former Primogen of the Domain of Austin, Texas


Information Known by Kindred Society

Despite only recently arriving on scene, Cedric's rise has been stellar. Of course, from the low beginnings of a one so young, this not difficult to achieve for a short period of time. Thus far, he has risen above the ranks of most Neonates and is considered to be a Machiavellian Prodigy.

It is known that he has an interest in Kindred Genealogy of all sorts, as well as being quite adept at computers, seldom far from a laptop or tablet.

Known Childer

Cedric is known to have take the neonate Malkavian Nova as an adopted childe

Quotes about Cedric Wadsworth

  • "Considering his lineage, extended and immediate, I'm not surprised at his tenacity and Honorable adherence and defense of our Traditions and the Respect our civilization has earned. Well....actually, scratch that first part; I'm still considering his lineage, but I stand behind the rest entirely." - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "His etiquette is impeccable and he adapts to whatever role he finds himself in as liquid conforms to the shape of its vessel. This however makes him difficult to read, difficult to accurately form a predictive model, and that discomforts me... "- Cornelius Stuyvesant, PHD
  • "Despite being my great-grandchilder, I like to think that the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree. He has elements of both myself and his sire, Mr. Smith. I'm heartened by this, for not all of my lineage is quite so... impressive as he." - Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "His deference is his competence. Whoever taught him, taught him well." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Just as I had begun to feel alone and lost in the sea of Intrigue with nary a star in the sky nor a sun in the distance to guide this small-craft of duty; you speak words like gentle winds which tenderly guide me to the shores of relief and humility and affirm my faith anew." - Nenette
  • "Mr. Wadsworth is the Malkavian Primogen du jour. If he lasts a few more months they might set a new record." - Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "Primogen Wadsworth is hard to read, the perfect diplomat and completely wise. . I trust his judgement, without question. - Candice Caine
  • "Of all the Camarilla kindred I have met, he has been the kindest. I like him very much." - The Gambler
  • "Primogen Wadsworth is a paragon among his clan. We should all be glad for whatever forces brought his path unto Waterloo." Miss Maggie
  • "Anyone who cares about moon-pie as much as he seems to can't be all bad." - Jackson Flynn
  • "Just one more reason why I like clan Malkavian." - Johnny Shine
  • "I prefer madmen to wear their crazy on their sleeve. I don't like surprises, and I think Cedric may be a Jack-in-the-Box." - Tamberland
  • "I'm pretty sure that his madness is the sincere belief he isn't mad - puzzling, eh? But, it's hard not to like him." - Master Harpy Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "The only thing holding back Cedric's nerdy awesomeness is that debilitating personality disorder that makes him act normal 99.9% of the time." - Annie Case
  • "Thank you." - Harper Gray
  • "The way he stares at me makes me wonder if he knows something he should not." - The Broken
  • "When I was first introduced to Cedric, I made a bad impression of our Clan. Hopefully I can fix that upon further meetings." - Leigh Ignotus
  • "One of the most resourceful, and promising, young members of the clan. He has already done great service for the Tower." - The Venetian
  • "I have never quite understood how his mind works. It does and I don't want to see how." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "I would do anything for him, and anything against those who would hurt him!" - Nova
  • "Sometimes the course to something desired is less than optimal, but he makes every step of the journey worth it." -Orelia Taipetra
  • "My expectations for Mr. Wadsworth are exceedingly high." -Serafin
  • "He seems the type to prefer push-button pens to quills or ink pens. Are new Harpies supposed to get gifts like that?" - Hawk Saxon
  • "Underneath his polished exterior or my chaotic one, we are more alike than he would like to admit. Don't think I am gonna let him forget that any time soon!" - Fayina Makarov
  • "Working with Cedric promises to be most interesting!" - Jeannie
  • "I admire Mssr. Wadsworth to the utmost for doing the most for the least among us." - Claire
  • "If anyone was ever going to make me believe the lies the Camarilla is built on, it would be Wadsworth. It's the highest thing I can say about a cape." - Flynn
  • "Shouldn't he be more English, butlerlike, and say things like capital? Oh, he's the Harpy now? Awkward. " - Jayne Joyce
  • "I have found Cedric in my Favor. He is a champion of strength for the Camarilla, and a defender of the helpless. I welcome him, and his companions to my domain." - Franc
  • "He is a pillar of his clan. A foundation that could yield strength if groomed or destruction if lost. Time will tell." - Robyn Remington
  • "I've left the poor man gaping like a fresh-caught flounder more than a few times, but never in malice. When he has the words, he's quite affable and a delightful conversationalist." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Cedric is dangerous, he can talk you believing that facing your greatest fear is a completely reasonable thing to do." - Astrid Malikov
  • "A rare gentleman I will miss putting through the wringer. To the end, he proved that we can choose not to be the monster." - Jayne Joyce
  • "Our interactions were few, but I'll not forget his explanation of the finer points of kindred etiquette. Also rumour has it he had A LOT of TOP NOTCH COMPUTER EQUIPMENT stashed somewhere. If he left a will or some clues on how to recover it that'd be great. . ." - Hugo
  • "He was elegant, sophisticated. A gentleman first and foremost. More than that, especially in my early weeks after joining the Tower, he watched out for me. He helped to educated me. The last several months before his death were wrought with despair, deceit, and deception. We didn't get many chances to speak. And I am truly a worse individual for those opportunities going away. More than anything, I considered Cedric Wadsworth, now and always, to be my friend." - Ethan Sullivan


  • No one has ever seen Cedric in the fits of madness.
  • Cedric doesn't really exist. He is just currently the dominant personality of an older Malkavian in the fits of his own psychosis.
  • Cedric is building a database of Kindred lineages.
  • Do not get on his bad side.
  • Cedric may or may not be part of the Thought Police.
  • It's almost unheard of for Cedric to be seen outside of Kindred gatherings.
  • Cedric has been replaced by a pod person.
  • He has an unknown childer in Texas

Character Inspiration

  • Alfred Pennyworth, Batman
  • Ozymandias, The Watchmen
  • David, Prometheus
  • Father, Equilibrium

OOC Information

Player: John "Decker" Pool

Location: Austin, TX