Celeste Chevalier

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Celeste Chevalier
Known By Kindred Society
Celeste Chevalier

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Known Aliases: Grandma, Grandmama, Celeste, Mom
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus
Status: Respected by the Daeva, Admired by the Invictus, Admired in Indianapolis, IN
Titles (Invictus and Otherwise): Matriarch of House Chevalier, Au Pair (Formerly), Knight (Formerly), Matron of House Themis
• Formal Tone: Alder Vox
• Most Formal Tone: The Good Venerated Alder Celeste Chevalier, Viscountess of Indiana Avenue, Vox of the Invictus Senate, Viceroy of the Great Lakes Region, Consul, Judex, Priscus
Notable Traits:
• Striking Looks 4
• Bright Blue Eyes and Red Hair
• Mostly White Apparel
• Often Seen Practicing Needlework
• Notably Protective Over Her Family, As Well As Other Daeva

Quotes & Rumors

I do believe in killing the messenger. Know why? It sends a message.

(Feel Free to Add)

• "Knight Celeste Chevalier will always be a member of the Unconquered in my eyes." - Erik Winters
• "I am very fortunate to be able to call her Grandmama." - Molly Christina Trumòur
• "She doesn't even matter. She's Unaligned." - a neonate. "So is The Unholy." - Niran
• "Such an insightful and empathetic woman. Now if she would only use those talents to settle things with Alder Winters." - Lucian Ashford
• "Her love is constant. It drives you to great heights for a simple nod of approval. All that I am, is because of her." - Noemi Palona
• Watching Celeste walk away leaving another kindred with standing there stunned, "Sir you have just been bested by a force of nature." - Alice Grimm
• "She is deserving of all honor given to her." - Richter Rowansen
• "She is a delightful paradox, both foreign and familiar. I am grateful for the moments she chooses to share with me." - Rowan Ragnardottar
• "To play an angel against a demon is the cruelest of evils. Someday sweet Celeste will see that, and the most perfect angel in the heavens will join us in Hell." - Sara Kuar
• "Did you know that in Languedoc France the Catholic Church slaughtered 20,000 people? I heard she ain't done with the Monachal Creed until she matches it...and she's waaaaay closer than you think" - Hunter Bec
• "It is my full confidence that Alder Viceroy Chevalier will set the First Estate on the path to prosperity and prominence, by means of her preeminent wisdom and unmatched experience." - Niran
• "Niran couldn't be more right if he tried." - Lord Marcus
• "Her skin is so pretty, how can you not want to get under it?" - Isnana
• "As a fellow member of the Most Venerable Society of Grandmothers, I can confirm that old bones are best left to their own pace. You don't rush wanton perfection." - Gwyneth Loreth
• "Sense your not in the mood, and I really don't care about your emotions at this point as their dead and non existent." Dr. Miranda Maxwell
• "There are not many I care for that I have such a complex history with... This woman knows me...and that is both frightening and a relief" - Maddie Sissylala
• "At last, I've made the acquaintance of a Kindred that I've heard so much about... and what a surprisingly... enjoyable experience it was, all things considered. Hopefully our next meeting will be less... complicated." - Cardinal Iyeremiya Garin
• "I want to like her. Truth be told, I do and yet I don't. Politics that frustrate me are in the way. Either way, I know we'll be on the same side when it matters." ~ Sabine Bjornson

• Celeste is actually a violent kindred using the guise of a soft personality to go under the radar.
• Celeste isn't actually an elder, she uses torpor as reason for why she doesn't remember many of her former allies.
• Celeste is attempting to take over the world with her childer. She was a member of the Nachtreich and found their strategy to be lacking which is why she left the Invictus.


House Chevalier

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Childe - Renard Belmont
Grandchilde - Alice Grimm
Grandchilde - Cesare
Childe - Noemi Palona
Childe - Marc Worthington
Grandchilde - Katherine Grace
Grandchilde - Elizabeth
Childe - Marcus Morgan
Childe - Rick Clark
Grandchilde - Dylan O'Connor
Great-Grandchilde - Hannibal Pryce
Childe Valentine Gold
Grandchilde - (Forthcoming)
Childe - Maria
Grandchilde Ian Carson
Great-Grandchilde - Carmina Argento
Great-Grandchilde - (Kristi's PC)
Great-Grandchilde - Molly Christina Trumòur
Great-Great-Grandchilde - Kendall Gray
Great-Grandchilde - Samuel Baker
Great-Great-Grandchilde - Annabelle
Great-Great-Great-Grandchilde - Roman Delacroix

Celeste Chevalier

Allies & Enemies

Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are.

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Erik Winters
Hunter Columbine
• Laia
Michael Luciano
Sara Kuar
Szilaz Hunyady
Bernard Greene
Alejandro Aja
Ashoka Hari Ashoka
Ysabel Sauveterre

Celeste Chevalier

Goodbye sweet, innocent girl. Off you go into a cruel world.

Come As You Are as performed by Civil Twilight
Bound to You by Christina Aguilera
Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Still Running by Chevelle
Prick! Goes the Scorpions Tale by The Devil's Carnival (Emilie Autumn)
Kill Your Heroes by Awolnation
The Red by Chevelle

OOC Information

Requiem PC

Player: Apryl Warner
Character: Celeste Chevalier
Clan: Daeva 4
Covenant: Invictus 5
Status: Indianapolis 5
Domain: Indianapolis, IN
VST: Josh Songer

Player: Apryl Warner
MES Number: US2008011654
Location: Muncie, IN
Domain: Indianapolis, IN — IN-014-D
Player of:
• Bailey
Valerie Hughes
Laurel Gwenyth Matthews