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Sabbat Ankh

In war, truth is the first casualty. ~Aeschylus


as a True Sabbat
as Black Hand
by Cardinal Charles Lennox of the South
by Archbishop Kristoff of Birmingham

Lasombra Crown






♔ 1744Born to the House of Bourbon, in France
♔ 1763Ghouled by Lucita de Aragon
♔ 1793Forced into Marriage
♔ 1796Embraced
♔ 1858Relocation to the New World
♔ 1863Second Sabbat Civil War
♔ 1920Rumored to have been killed
♔ 1925Branded as Black Hand
♔ 1933End of the War
♔ 1999Tumnimos forms as a Pack
♔ 2015Resurfaces in Birmingham, AL
♔ 2015June 2015 Siege of Memphis
♔ 2015July 2015 Independence Day Battle of Roanoke


Born into the House of Bourbon line, and raised in the courts of France, Celeste lacked for nothing as the daughter of the Duke of Bourbon. When she was 18 she was approached by a woman and turned from a bored Courtier to a sharply honed tool for Sabbat intelligence gathering. Several decades later, Celeste was married to the British Duke of Richmond. Not long after she was embraced by her Sire, and brought fully into the Shadows as a Lasombra.

Member - of La Familia Capuciati


♔ A tall woman with a wealth of curves, and a wicked smile, Celeste Lennox is distracting. Her dark, curly hair is chopped short to her chin, brown eyes accented by dark makeup, drawing attention from the small red mouth. She moves with a casual lazy grace that draws the eye, and an arrogance that seems bred into her very bones. This Lasombra is sharp, cruel, and effective. On most nights she can can found in a dress or skirt of some shade of red, feminine and lovely -- in battle she can be found in soft black leather fitted pants tucked into knee high boots, a leather corset and bracers. She wears a French Sabre on one hip, and a British military cutlass on the other. Both are worn with the ease of someone who is intimately familiar with the use of both blades.

♔ Beacon of the Unholy
♔ Permanent Fangs

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Celeste.jpg"No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful."Charles Edward Lennox III
"I would allow this one into my library...perhaps one day, unattended."The Amanuensis
"Give a man a match, and he'll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. Celeste understands this lesson well."Jaelle
"Is having dark curls in which eyes get lost and not even do you see the shadows as they come for you."Yegor
"Lovely, charming, and efficient. Charles chose well with Celeste."Thomas Severus
"When I think of Celeste, I often thought of what it must have been like see the fall of some great city, or the collapse of some great empire. To see something gold, and glittery and shiny and to know that in a moment it could all be a gone, all be a memory. When she walks across a room, that is what she leaves you with, the memory of what you were so close to having, so close to aspiring to. She leaves those who are not great to wonder why, and those who are great to wonder why not. ."Ambrose St. Germain
"Forever an innocent in my heart though I can see the beautiful Angel of Darkness she has become."Castor Graves
"I wouldn't dream of having an opinion on a Cainite."Victoria Grimaldi
"My наставник, no better woman is there. She reminds me of stories of Princess Nastasya of Lithuania, though наставник would never miss. "Anya Ivchenko


♔ Celeste sleeps with every Lasombra she can
♔ Seduced her way into the Black Hand
♔ Isn't really a member of the black hand, uses Chimestry to put the mark on her.

Celeste Lennox

Player: Original Beth
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Birmingham Sabbat VST

If you are interested in ties, please feel free to contact me. I'm always up for developing roleplay connections, either as allies or enemies.



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♔ "Million Dollar Man" -Lana del Rey
♔ "Black Roses" -Claire Bowen
♔ "Take Me to Church" -Hozier
♔ "I'll Follow You" -Shinedown
♔ "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" -Emily Browning
♔ "Army of Me" -Bjork
♔ "I Get Off" -Halestorm
♔ "Familiar Taste of Poison" -Halestorm
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