Celestina Mercado

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Celestina Mercado

Clan - Daeva

Bloodline – Allegedly Spina

Covenant - Invictus

Conspiracy - Unknown

Full Name and Title – Alder Dame Celestina Mercado, Marquise of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Secundus of the Puerto Rico Inner Council, Knight Captain of the Order of the Silver Crane, House Merovius, Sigyn Branch of The Valkyrie, Judex of the Guild of the Iron Scales, Au Pair, Speaker and Chamberlain of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Born - Unknown

Sire - Alder Prince Adiette Armitage

Well-Known Qualities – Alder Speaker Mercado is known to be an extremely firm supporter of the Traditions, while at the same time being every bit a lady of exquisite taste. Always with a kind word and a smile for everyone she meets, she is still known to have a fierce temper when it comes to the Traditions.

The Alder Mercado

Raised in the long forgotten Royal Courts of Aragon, Alder Mercado continues to be most at home in the Courts of Kindred Society. In her eyes, she is second only to her Sire and Leige. If Alder Armitage is the Red Queen, Alder Mercado is the Princess waiting to claim the throne as her own, even if she knows her place is not as the favored childe.

A firm believer in tradition and the Traditions, Alder Mercado has focused her path within the Invictus to help further her goals. Despite her training as a Knight, she knows that sometimes the best way to harm a foe is through words. A quaint smile here, a few dark words there... a Kindred's ruined reputation can be far worse than the slash of a sword. However, the sword is a nice backup when words fail.

The Past

  • 1707 - Flees her homeland to Havana, Cuba with her husband, virtually signing her death warrant in Spain
  • 1710 - Embraced by Adiette in Puerto, Rico
  • 1725 - Changes her name to Celestina Mercado
  • 1765 - Joins the Sigyn branch of The Valkyrie
  • 1780 - Travels to Bremen, Germany to train with Rowan Ragnardottar
  • 1808 - Knighted as a Valkyrie
  • 1810 - 1950 - Open for Ties
  • 1953 - 1963 - Returns to her estate in Havana, Cuba and meets Cyrus Orlande.
  • 1963 - For reasons she never discusses, Celestina closes her Cuban estates and moves abruptly back to Puerto Rico

More ties are always welcome. Email me if interested.

Consorts and Contenders

The Spoken Word


  • "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, they're sooooo right about the polite ones." - Isnana


OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••••
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico •••••
Player: Cris H
Storyteller: Patrick R.

Player Name Cris H

MES Number US2002022255

Location VIR-SC-C