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Sire: Etrius
Embraced: 1039
Generation: 6th
Reference: TBN p. 134, TC4 p. 91

As a mortal Celestyn was a magi would searched for ancient relics, lost books and near-forgotten myths. Impressed by his accumulated knowledge he was embraced by Etrius. At Ceoris Celestyn serves as the master librarian for many years. Unusually for a Tremere Celestyn is willing to consort with other clans in his quest for knowledge inviting many of them to stay as guests at Ceoris. In 1313 Celestyn leaves Ceoris on a secret mission for the Tremere. Celestyn travels throughout Europe, Africa and even China in search of secret lore. In 1998 Celestyn returns from his tour and reports to Etrius his findings. The secret knowledge learned in the East stays between Etrius and Celestyn.
Current Status
Celestyn’s current whereabouts are unknown. In the past 15 years he has appeared periodically in various European chantries, inspecting libraries and cataloging knowledge.

Lineage Criteria

  • Tend to be obsessed with arcane lore, languages, and foreign secrets.
  • Are drawn from populations outside of Europe, specifically inside of Africa and Asia.
  • Are often associated with other clans, magical traditions and non-European philosophies.