Celine Avril Rivard

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Requiem PC

Player: Charlotte Uteg
Character: Celine Avril Rivard
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Carthian
Position: Lady
Whip of Clan Daeva of Ames
Sheriff of Ames
Status: City: 3
Covenant: 3
Clan: 3
Domain: Red Queens Race

Character Information

Name: Celine Avril Rivard


  • Lady Celine (everybody)
  • My Lady (Shawn)

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Carthian

Celine Avril Rivard


  • "Lady Rivard? Quite the stunner, and a refined elegance I'd be glad to have at my side for any occasion. Had she not proven herself a Succubus, many nights I'd have taken her for one of we Shadows."- Sir Kirill Mihailov
  • "May we have the nights at our back, the knights at our side and may Indianapolis have a beautiful dawn." - Celine and Sarge toasting
  • "You have our whips, you have our chains and you have our word." - The Terrible Trio of Daeva: Shawn, Alexei and Celine
  • "Aim at perfection, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable." - Lord Chesterfield
  • "History forgets the powerful women behind the Prince's and Emperors of the past, but history will never forget the women's work." - Invictus Quote
  • "We are Daeva. We are Many." - The Daeva Trio


Hair: Blonde curly hair, always ornately styled
Eyes: Green eyes normally, they change in ranges of blue, grey and green
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 pounds
Fashion style: She has formal and informal clothing, depending on the situation. Usually she's in a black, short dress with swishy fabric pieces attached giving a fairy type look to it. It has fish and eye hooks down the chest to her waist. On more formal occasions she'll wear a knee length black and white dress that shows off her chest and has a bow tied in the back.
Accessories: She wears 3 necklaces. One of them is a large black crystal, one is a light pink, smaller crystal and the third is a silver rose. The first two are on cord and the third is on a silver chain. In her hair, Celine wears a comb with blue stones in it. For shoes she either wears tall black leather boots or black sandals.

  • City: 3
  • Clan: 3
  • Covenant: 3

Notable Traits:

According to Shawn: her boobs
She usually has glitter in her hair
According to Shawn: her legs

Title or Positon:

Whip of Clan Daeva of the City of Ames
Sheriff of the city of Ames


Celine Avril Rivard
  • She is the head of the Daeva
  • She controls the Trio
  • She's bought the Priscus Counsel
  • She's Ordo
  • She wants to be Prince
  • She has multiple "pets" in the city
  • Shawn is only a tool for her
  • She's slept with almost every kindred in Ames
  • She's a drug lord
  • She's protecting Shawn and Alexei from punishment in the city
  • She abandoned Shawn
  • She never uses boons
  • She is often seen at Club Haven

Character Timeline

  • note: This is included for ease in making character ties. Anything in bold is NOT common knowledge in character

Born: April 15, 1848 in France
Sold to whore house: May 9, 1865
Bought and sent to war troops: 1866
Moves with the troops: 1866-1868
Duchagne War: 1867-1875
Returns to France and disappears: January 1869
Gets taught to be an escort and becomes a "lady": April 1869
Embraced: June 1869
Travels around Europe: 1869-1902
Lives in Canada: 1902-1919
Lives in East Coast area: 1919-1942
Lives in Gulf Coast area: 1942-1944
Lives in Chicago: 1944-1945
Lives in West Coast: 1945-1959
Lives in Iowa: 1960-present

OOC Information

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Player Name Charlotte Uteg

MES Number US2012050083

Location Ames, IA