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Timeline cen.png

Dotcen.png1435: Chateau d’If
Dotcen.png1470—1493: Fought in the Anarch Revolt
Dotcen.png1493: Witnessed the Treaty of Throrns
Dotcen.png1520: Moved to Paris
Dotcen.png1680—1789: Primogen of Paris
Dotcen.png1789—1942: Explored Africa, South America, and then Mexico and parts of the United States
Dotcen.png1942—2014: Returned to Paris and then disappeared

History cen.png

Cenotaph.jpg It is whispered that the Nosferatu known as Cenotaph was embraced in the infamous Chateau d’If. He had once been a priest that had been charged with heresy by the Inquisition. Forgotten and abandoned by that those that took his freedom, he did not hear a human voice for almost three years.

Dondinni feared what might happen to the Nosferatu in the coming turmoil of the Anarch Revolt. He had heard stories of a priest that believed strongly in redemption and would not recant his faith even in the face of torture and imprisonment. He watched the prisoner for many nights before choosing to reveal himself and embrace him. The fledgling adopted the name Cenotaph, meaning an empty place to store the dead, to reflect what had happened to him. Cenotaph followed his sire back to Spain to learn what lore Dondinni was willing to teach about the world. When the Anarch Revolt threatened to engulf all of Europe, Cenotaph followed the siren call of the Founders rather than hide away from the world as his sire had chosen to do.

Once the war had been won, Cenotaph returned to France, the land of his birth. He settled in Paris and found the culture and opportunities of education in the City of Lights to be intoxicating. Over time, he expanded his contacts and political ties with his clan establishing himself as a good manager of resources. He claimed the title of primogen for almost a century before finally leaving French soil during the French Revolution.

Curious about the world, Cenotaph began to travel. Those that met him found him to be strange and curious, as though he were seeking some unknown truth. He visited Africa and South America before finally returning home to Paris during World War II.

Cen bee.png Cen bee2.png It is said that the horror of the war and what it did to his home changed him. Cenotaph withdrew from society and was only occasionally glimpsed in the streets wandering lost and alone. Some said he lost something that tore at his heart and many expected him to fall into torpor.

This lasted for almost seventy years until at the end of 2013, Cenotaph returned to court in a fresh suit and a glint of happy malice in his eyes. He began to cash in long forgotten boons and settling accounts. Soon, he would move to the New World having found a reason to live once more.

Lineage cen.png
Dotcen.pngSire — Dondinni
Dotcen.pngBroodmate — Nezaire Morneault
Dotcen.pngChilde — Character Name
Dotcen.pngChilde — Character Name

RQ cen.png

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Dotcen.png — Something caused Cenotaph to snap out of his depression and move halfway across the world. What was it?
Dotcen.png — Cenotaph is related somehow to the Merovingians, hence his obsession with bees.
Dotcen.png — Cenotaph shares a fear of his sire, namely that the Nosferatu shall one day be wiped out. He seeks a way to cheat this fate for the clan, even at the cost of his own life.
Dotcen.png "The things this creature knows is stunning, just stunning! And he's a brilliant storyteller! Ask him about the Advent on the Champs-Élysées in... or maybe not."Nenette
Dotcen.png "Our sibling possesses hard-earned knowledge. More valuably, he possesses the wisdom earned from faithfulness and steadfastness through long years. When we seek to recall such virtues it is to him that we look."Nezaire Morneault
Dotcen.png "A long time ally of my sire though I've not had the chance to meet him in person. Still correspondence is an excellent first step, especially where gifts are involved."Bastien La Roux
Dotcen.png "Cenotaph stands tall as an example of what all Kindred should aspire too. Unflinching dedication to detail, and an unwavering sense of motivation. Failure is a word that only applies to lesser creatures."Kilroy
Dotcen.png "There are times when I look back at the actions I was forced to take to enact my revenge for my people. I am sanctified in knowing it was for the right reasons. There are also times when I think back to those who seemed to enact their own revenge in tandem with mine... and I smile knowing that the furnace of fury does not solely belong to me. There is a tempered wisdom that comes from Cenotaph's knowledge and it is matched by a burning wrath. ."Citadel
Dotcen.png "Oh yes, he is quite the knowledgeable gentleman. His musings are always preceded with great thought. I find it prudent to listen to what he has to say ."Danielle Ropchan

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Player: Jason Andrew
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect Status: 4
Domain: Seattle, WA
VST: Seattle VST

The Count of Monte Cristo.

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