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Awakening PC

Player: Matt Quillen
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium •••••
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Position: Hierophant, Magister
Consilium: {{{consilium}}} ••
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Cabal: The City Planning Commission
VST: Columbus Awakening VST


Shadow Name: [Censored] / "Professor T"

Sleeper Alias: Dr. Walter Kelley

Offices: Hierophant and Magister of the EC Mysterium

Cabal: The City Planning Commission

Quote: I'm terribly sorry. I know you have questions. Unfortunately most of the answers are above your pay grade.


[Censored] because he knew upon Awakening that his destiny was to have the Wisdom to know what power was never meant to be wielded by mere mortal hands. It would also be his destiny to never achieve ascension himself; however the Angels assured him that he would serve and protect those who would, and that his destiny was sacred.

Upon awakening, he was approached by his would-be mentor, a man by the name of Woodrough. Curator of the Columbus, OH censorium, Woodrough was very well connected on the Ohio State University campus and recognized a young academian on the verge of Awakening into a sorcerer of significance to the threads of Fate. When [Censored] completed his mystery play, Woodrough swept him under his wing and began his education as a Censor. Choosing a Sophiad in Transmetics to mirror his doctoral thesis of memetics; Walter has dedicated his career to following the evolution of rote theory back to its historical Atlantean root origins. In order to pursue his Sophiad, however, he would have to leave the city of Columbus due to the anti-magic field that has enveloped the city since 1952. Studying rotes and imago theory in a place where there can exist no supernal magic or free energy would otherwise be akin to the Herculean Tasks of legend! In a tragic twist of fate, Woodrough would fall prey to a particularly nasty possession and would die from his injuries. In his last will an testament, executed by the presiding Hierophant of the region, he left the care of the Columbus Censorium to his apprentice... [Censored].

For years, [Censored] labored beneath the aegis of anti-magic, protecting some of the regions most dangerous artifacts, cursed items, grimoires and documents. In a place where no Supernal laws may shape reality, a censorium was a very boring thing to protect. Retinal scanners, magnetic key passes and one hell of a firewall are incredibly effective, after all, when magic is an impossibility. And so [Censored] studied theory, and amassed books and grimoires within his underground sanctum that would be the envy of any Mystagogue. For years he would teach pilgrims traveling to the field to research its properties. He would teach the basics of Geomancy and Soriology. He would teach the principals of Prime and the mastery of raw Supernal Energy... in theory. Over time, he has become known as "Professor T" and is regarded as a Mystagogue of no little skill.

In June of 2013, Professor T took on a new research project. Having discovered that the Dragon Shield - a powerful anti-magic cloak that has shrouded the city of Columbus for decades - was in fact inhibiting awakenings among the sleeper populace, he began immediate action utilizing his considerable geomantic skills and knowledge of Prime to forge a plan of attack that would result in the Shield's dissolution. In August of 2013, he succeeded... with disastrous consequences. Leading a three-prong operation, he guided countless Pentacle mages from all over the country in carefully shifting powerful ley lines while a task force lead by the Mysterium penetrated the very heart of the Dragon Shield where they found an ancient Atlantean Artifact bound inside of a prisoner whose life force was generating the anti-magic effect using leys energy to amplify the field. Denied the leys of the most powerful ley lines in the region, the shield faltered long enough for the Mysterium to remove the Artifact and end the effect forever. Unfortunately the mystical backlash of the effect awoke a powerful spirit of the region and the result was a terrible storm and flash flooding along the Olentangy river that destroyed a great deal of the downtown area.

Overwhelmed with guilt, the Professor stood trial for his hubris before his Consilium, but was found not guilty. Instead, he forged ahead and founded the City Planning Commission, a cabal of Mysterium, Free Council and Silver Ladder whose sole purpose was to improve the city through public works, mysticism and to stand as the first line of defense against Seer incursions.

Today Professor T travels across North America to consult in matters of Geomancy for the Mysterium. He has taken on two apprentices, Shrink and Mara, who accompany him during his travels and assist him in his research and the management of the Columbus Caucus of the Mysterium. On the surface, he is a congenial and cerebral presence who always seems to know more than he is letting on; but those close to him know that he has a drinking problem and troubles that lay buried deep beneath his affable personality. Still, his great work with geomancy and thaumatology have permitted him to rise quickly through the ranks of his Order and he is largely respected in the United States as an expert in several fields.

Character Description

Professor T is a stout young man in his early 30's with graying brown hair. He dresses sharply; dress shirt and slacks with various talismans and holy symbols. He is often seen traveling with a cane made of twisted willow fashioned from a tree struck by lightning and uses it as a dedicated tool when working his geomancy. The symbols of the Tarot cards for Strength and the Hermit are perpetually a part of his wardrobe.


Silvery-blue light seems to originate without a source from both the sorcerer and various objects around him. The more powerful the spell, the brighter the light! Particularly powerful spells are accompanied by a sense that mana sources in the area are pulled slightly in his direction.


  • Professor T's censorium contains items too dangerous to be trusted, and so they are sent to the anti-magic field where they will remain suppressed indefinitely
  • His Shadow Name is his True Name, and his True Name his Shadow Name
  • He has no True Name
  • Professor T is married to his apprentice... but which one!?
  • A master linguist, his latest study has been with a seemingly native tribe of vikings who have adopted an entirely new linguistic parent tree that combines Norse and Native American vocabularies
  • He is one of the few scholars on earth who can fluently speak Proto-Indo European. Who could possibly have taught him? That language hasn't been spoken aloud in thousands of years!
  • The Professor was captured by Seers and managed to escape unscathed; his captors, embarassed, only managed to inconvenience him by having him black-listed by the FAA
  • Professor T is an angry drunk and murders those in the Mysterium who stand openly against him, including two former Curators of the Abbot Facility Censorium
  • Professor T was appointed as Hierophant of the EC Mysterium on a technicality; a show of blatant favoritism by the late Hierophant on her death bed, having overcome her mental defenses with beguiling enchantments


  • [Sigh] (Usually after his apprentice speaks)
  • Here is the document you're looking for. Our debt is settled... The Translation? That's extra.
  • "Ah, now! This is the kind of man to assign homework while at a party in your honor. My kind of man." - Maester, while looking over a first edition copy of Palentine Matumbo's 'Of the Essense of Man and the Supernal'
  • "I have taught you every trick you know. I just haven't taught you every trick I know." - Said with a smile to his apprentice.
  • "He seems a nice enough man. Willing to trust, but I know that he verifies behind the scenes. Probably a better judge of character than I am." Shofar

OOC Inspirations

  • 40% Artie from Warehouse 13
  • 10% Merlin from Disney's Sword in the Stone
  • 35% Leo Magary from The West Wing
  • 15% Merlin from BBC's Merlin (High Wisdom)