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"Kindred struggle to hold their beasts back. My sire gave in to his beast, surrendered to it. My childer tried to suppress it down, deny it, lock it up. I said fuck that; I put that bitch on a chain. Now, she works for me." Ryan O'Connell



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The Bloodline

The Beast is a powerful and dangerous creature. When riled to anger, it will turn upon friends and loved ones as likely as foes. Once channeled it allows the vampire to ignore grievous wounds and attack with inhuman ferocity. No one understands the pull of the Beast like the savages of clan Gangrel. While other clans seek to tame or suppress the urges of the Beast, the Savages best know how to live with the Beast, giving it its due and even surrendering to it for a time. The Gangrels known as Cerberi have gone beyond that, no longer simply co-existing, they borrow from their Beast to become even more formidable. But the Beast is greedy, and does not easily share up its strength.

The founder of the blood line, Ryan O’Connell, looked at his own Beast and saw untapped power. But the Beast is wild and defiant, and he knew he could not take that power without surrendering to it. So he changed it, forcing his Beast into becoming something else. Kindred who’ve asked him about the change will tell you he describes tearing the beast apart, dividing it into the three facets of its nature; Fear, Anger, and Hunger. Separated, each fractured piece of the Beast is more easily harnessed, allowing the Savages of the bloodline to tap into its raw power.

The Breaking of the Beast

When Ryan created the bloodline, he didn't do so just through changing his blood, like most bloodlines, he changed the very nature of the beast. Turning against the Beast, a part of what makes a kindred kindred, is no easy task. Kindred who decide to awaken the bloodline, or seek an avus to do so, must defile their Beasts in the process. The act takes several nights, often sending the kindred reeling into bouts of torpor, frenzy and lucidity. The act itself leaves no kindred unchanged, though how the change affects their personality varies from vampire to vampire.

Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Resilience, Protean, Celerity

Nickname: Hellhounds

Source: Custom Bloodline - APPROVAL: USA-SE-VR-1504-025348
Contact for this Bloodline: Terry James


Cerberi retain the flaw of their parent clan. In addition, members of the bloodline turn against their Beast at the moment they awaken the bloodline. Through force of will, they render the Beast into three separate forms, divided into the three base desires of the Beast; Anger, Fear, Hunger. This allows them to draw speed and power from their Beast, but the fractured entity is perverted by the act. The Beast of a Cerberi is unnatural, and other kindred can detect it's alien nature. Whenever another vampire uses Aura Perception, in addition to the normal questions they may ask, the Auspex user also sees that the Gangrels beast is fractured, revealed as the Aura appears broken into three smaller pieces, each tinged with the emotion of their respective facet of the beast (Anger, Fear, Hunger).

Members of the bloodline MUST spend a WP each turn they attempt to resist frenzy, as the divided Beast is more difficult to resist when enraged to the point of frenzy, pulling in three directions at once. Because of the limits of Willpower, this also means that Cerberi may never gain the +3 benefit from WP when drawing to resist frenzy.

History and Culture:

This bloodline was only recently created, and it's history and culture is just beginning to be written. The difficult act of being avused into the bloodline often involves a two or three night 'ceremony' where the potential Hellhound is joined by three other Gangrel, who are responsible for keeping them sane, safe and in one place until the beast breaks.

Known Members

Rumored Members

Kindred Knowledge

The Cerberi are new bloodline, and news of it's existence is spreading slowly by word of mouth. While Ryan isn't hiding the bloodline, he's only sharing it's details with other gangrel. Kindred with at least 1 dot of Gangrel clan status can know of it's existence, but not it's weakness.