Cesar Reyas

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Accord PC

Player: Matthew Dobson
Creature Type: Possessed
City: Albany, New York


VST: VST David Robinson

Operation: DisclosureOperation: Old Peculiar

Character Information

Name: Cesar Reyas, aka Velphegr

Creature Type: Demon, Envy Possessed

Notable Traits: Quiet, Reserved, often overlooked.

Title or position: None, that is, official, but once served as a butler/manservant/driver/steward to Dr. Jamie Wright, Former Leader of the Albany Accord Cell. Is always seen serving drinks, dusting, or otherwise waiting hand and foot on members of the Cell. Since Jamie's death Cesar has taken a more active role in the military actions of the cell. Cesar took an active role in Operation: Old Peculiar, retrieving two babies, retrieving unreality crystal 27, and taking down 7 abominations. Several people blinked more than twice at the butler being such a proficient force in the field.


  • "Isn't it a shame in this war that someone with capabilities and knowledge is reduced to fetching towels and making grilled cheese sandwiches? Especially now that we have AI for that?" -- Dr. Adrianne Kane
  • "Probably one of the less evil people I've met in the Accord, I'd trust him oddly with my life, and possibly with my soul." - Juliette d`Escouperie


  • Cesar is much older than he looks.
  • Velphegr and Cesar have a mutual understanding about who is in control of the body.
  • Some kind of demonic pact forced Velphegr to obey Dr. Jamie Wright when the other demon was around.
  • Dr. Kane finds the pair interesting; and she often stops to say hello to them around the Citadel.

OOC Information

Cesar Reyas 1.JPG
Cesar Reyas

Player: Matthew Dobson

MES Number: US2002022023

Location: Albany, New York

Cesar reyas 2.jpg
When Velphegr is in charge, the pairs eyes tend to glow a brilliant green.

Background Story - Known by some Heat. Sweltering heat. Leather was perhaps a bad choice for this jacket. Yes, I wanted it to stop the fly bites and sting from the wasps, or even the biteback of my own whip - but the heat. Why did I become a rider again? I hate horses. They stink. Stink more than my old mamma's bad cooking. Oh right. Money. Pure Gold, that's what they pay us to protect these wagons. But I still hate the horses.

Cookie says its worse in his wagon. He has to keep that Iron stove always stoked. Hah, it must be better to be out here on horseback. At least i get the breeze when i give her the spur for a bit. Hah, hold up there. That crossroads ahead, it can be a solid place to set up the wagons for the night. Dark will be here soon anyway.

'Senor, their is a crossroads just ahead, Sierra del mar es another 60 miles, we best make camp Senor.' He agreed. Good. Cookie better make something tasty, this water has gone warm and i want something that will improve its taste.

The crossroads. The middle of the Spanish/Mexican Desert in summer. Night.

That's where Velphegr and I first met. Met? Is that the right word?

The crossroads. I should have known if I was ever going to meet a demon, it would be at a crossroads.

1810, 24 years old. And I will be 24 forever. Or so Velphegr promised. Hasn't lied to me yet, that I know of. Greedy angry jealous bastard that I am, hell, I sometimes think I am more twisted than he is, and he is the eternal servant of Satan or something like that. El Conservador Diablo and I were a match made in hell if ever there was one. Him with the Envy, me with the same. Him Wanting to add everything to his collection, me with just wanting to keep it out of everyone elses hands. I am a jealous asshole, no doubt.

And all it took was a few bullets, and a bag of Spanish gold to buy me for life. I am not that bad Senor, when I get the things I want. I am not that bad at all.

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