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Requiem PC

Chad Trent.png
Player: Gregory Avery-Weir
Character: Chad J. Trent
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Carthian
Position: Sheriff
Status: 4
Domain: NC-008-D
VST: Charlotte Requiem VST

Image by Terry J.

Character Information

Name: Chad J. Trent

Clan: Daeva

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Carthian


  • Charlotte 4
  • Daeva 4

Notable Traits: Shutter shades and a popped collar. Very strong.

Title or Position: Sheriff of Charlotte, NC


  • The clueless stuck-up jock behavior is just an act, and he came to Charlotte for a nefarious purpose.
  • He's an elder that's gone so far off the deep end that he doesn't know how to use his own power.
  • He's a complete neonate, embraced just a few weeks before coming to Charlotte.
  • He's a pawn in some secret game, serving a mysterious master.
  • His bravado is really overcompensating for his lack of manhood.
  • I hear that Chad Trent has some kind of....list. - Ryan O'Connell
  • He is a Carthian experiment in Sloth.


  • "V.I.P.!"
  • "It's that flash of bravado that I like about you, I'm just not sure if you can back it up. I'm half convinced your either an overconfident fuck-up, or the most self assured man I know."- Ryan O'Connell
  • "How do you know an Unaligned is lying? Much like a recruiter, when his lips are moving" Lord Harding to Lady Catherine Lister
  • "You are totally Mario to my Princess Peach only you are the one that won't put out. That's 21st century romance for you!" -Bellatrix
  • "I think of him as a beacon of light in a maelstrom of chaos." - Ryan O'Connell
  • "I know nothing about him and I absolutely want to see him get those god awful ugly shades crammed down his throat." - Marko Kazamir to South Paw


The List

OOC Information

Player Name: Gregory Avery-Weir

MES Number: US2005086079

Location: Charlotte, NC