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A recent photo taken of Chance alongside Ally Fick.

Character Information

Alias(es): Chance Weaver, Eric Weaver, Edward Webber, and many variations thereupon


Age: 27

Notable Traits: Chance is usually seen wearing an elegant vest or a dashing sports jacket. Whatever he wears, it accents his androgyny, particularly if he has his snappy heels.

Titles: Keeper of Elysium

Coteries/Societies: Murder City Murder

What's Known in Kindred Society

  • Chance has a penchant for setting Kindred up with mortal identities.
  • A traveler at heart, Chance hasn't actually settled in Detroit but instead freely travels back and forth from Chicago.
  • Has begun establishing a series of Kindred art galleries throughout the country.
  • Hosted a magnificent Daeva Ball at his private gallery, Azarte

Chance's History

Mortal Life

  • Born in the Czech Republic, immigrated when he was 5.
  • Studied Accounting and Business Management at Columbia University in New York.
  • Moved to Chicago after graduation to work for a major law firm.

Kindred Life: the Early Years

  • Traveled throughout Europe with family.
  • Tested his skills on the battlefield and found aid in a young man.
  • Upon arrival back in the states, he began smuggling for Capone.

Finding Covenant and Conspiracy

  • After being released, joined the Carthian Movement.
  • Became interested in the White-Haggerty talks and found the beginnings of the Social Contract.
  • Established himself as a mover and shaker in both Covenant and Conspiracy.

Sightseeing Across the US

  • Worked in mortal politics in Washington D.C.
  • Joined the Free Love Movement in California.
  • Met up with Charlie Archer at a Beltane ritual.

The Dawn of the Crucible

  • Established Azarte, an art gallery in Birmingham, MI known for featuring rising stars.
  • Worked with Ally Fick to build strong ties within the Movement across Michigan.



Bloodline: rumoured to be of Toreador lineage
Grand-sire: Unknown
Sire: Unknown

  • Unknown
Known Childer
  • None


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  • Chance has boons owed to him from Admired and Respected members of every clan and covenant.
  • Chance owes boons to Admired and Respected members of every clan and covenant.
  • Chance is much older than he claims to be.
  • Chance is much younger than he claims to be.
  • After being kidnapped by the Brood, Chance has been brainwashed and is an undercover agent waiting to be activated by his covey of handlers.
  • Let the Nosferatu of Detroit murder his confidant in an attempt at praxis, which only lasted 1 day.


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  • Giuseppe DiParma - A fellow Brother in the Movement, Chance introduced Joe to The Social Contract back in their rum-running nights.
  • Ysabel Sauveterre - Though they are on different teams, Chance respects the hell out of the Knight Captain.


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"Be catty. Give due respect to those who behave well and if you do one thing right, make sure you burn the bitches who fuck up." - Chance giving a Harpy in Training advice.


You can listen to Chance's soundtrack here.

  1. Start Something by lostprophets
  2. Werkin' Girls by Angel Haze
  3. Cell Block Tango by The Six Merry Murderesses
  4. Royals by Lorde
  5. Bangarang - feat. Sirah by Skrillex
  6. The Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly
  7. One Day More by Stephen Brooker and the Les Misérables Cast
  8. 1812 Overture, Op. 49 by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Character Inspirations

  • Francis Underwood
  • Leo McGarry
  • Thomas Cromwell
  • Petyr Baelish

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Daeva •••••
Conspiracy: Guild of Rhapsodes ••••
City: Detroit, MI ••••
Player: Alex M.
Storyteller: Erik Paulson

Player: Alex M. US2009054004

Location: Detroit, MI

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Player's Note

I am always open to people contacting me for background connections. If you are interested in weaving Chance into your history or wish to have some connection to him, please drop me an email with the subject Requiem: Backstory [Chance]. Thanks!