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Basic Statistics

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  • Subject Name:
    • Chandra de Soissones
    • Pronounce: SHUN-DRAH de SWA-SOWN

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Aliases: Assorted.

  • Known Factions:

  • Known Location: Philadelphia, PA

Physical Description:

While Chandra has assumed a wide variety of forms, she most often takes the form of a dark skinned woman dressed in formal attire. Chandra often carries with some kind of refreshment or drink.

General Knowledge:

There are more than a few stories containing the exploits of a young Malkavian investigator - that many assume to Chandra de Soisonnes. From tracking down erstwhile members of the sect, to daytime surveillance, to traveling most of Europe and the Middle East -- some of those stories might even be true. The general consensus is as an ancilla she was a well-known field investigator and advocate of the Thought Police a faction of clan Malkavian dedicated to rooting out internal traitors and heretics within the sect.

After her arrival in the New World in Pennsylvania colony, Chandra traveling back and forth between Europe and the New World, she collected information on trends in developing domains in the colonies. She shared that information with Elders of Europe -- in order to assist with long term planning and direction. In the later 1800s she remained in the war-torn New World, joining the ensuing war for dominance in the Americas. Chandra's strength became evaluation and analysis of large-scale trends - marking her as one of the first social scientists of kindred events. Her analysis of "meta-data" has proved a useful tool to many administrators of the ivory tower, many of her assistants have gone on to work formally for archons and justicars in North America.

Following the mid-1840s, Chandra and a number of kindred moved their base of operations from Philadelphia proper, to the nearby town of Camden. While the war raged on, Chandra visited many domains analyzing their environments, making contacts and sharing information. In particular she focused her efforts on the East Coast coast but has known to travel as far as Seattle and New Mexico.

Widely regarded as a Matriarch of the Paricci Lineage, Chandra does not directly espouse such notions. The gender implied by masculine and feminine roles seems limiting in scope of cultural understanding. Often she espouses a view of the Paricci as a collection of like-minded individuals in support of clan and sect.

Cultural Standing

  • Architect - as a an Architect of the Camarilla.

  • Noble - as a Primogen of Philadelphia and as Clan Head for the United States.

  • Guardian - as the Clan Head of Clan Malkavian in the United States.

  • Established - as an Elder within the Camarilla and as the Clan Head of Clan Malkavian in the United States.

  • Confirmed - as an Elder within the Camarilla.

  • Privileged - as an Elder within the Camarilla.


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  • Chandra is actually a Gangrel pretending to be crazy.
  • Chandra has secret files on every kindred in North America.
  • Chandra's 'tea parties' are code for meetings of the thought police.
  • Words-words-words.

Quotes & Citations:

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  • "Resist beginnings; the prescription comes too late when the disease has gained strength by long delays." - Chandra de Soissones

  • "If I had a status to give you I would. Wait, As I am *Unimportant* you are *Awesome* ." - Fianna McMannis
    • "Primogen Fianna, I think that is the best standing I have ever recieved, thank you for the honor." - Chandra de Soissones

  • "Chandra and I keep finding ourselves in the same circles and she is always a delight." Adrienne Maxwell

  • "We all say that we are many things, but none so much as Chandra. She has been enemy, companion, adviser, and friend. I could not sit where I do now without her, and would not elect to if it were outside of my control." Eirik Alexson

  • "I have found that what many call madness is simply a willingness to look beyond the scope of the self into that which lies beyond... and desire to know it in its fullness. I do not think that minds were developed to handle contemplation of such expanse and in the attempt to do so it becomes other than what it was." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave

  • "It is from the lips of the unexpected that the most valuable of wisdom is spoken." - Amaris Ingram

  • "In these dark nights, there is the watcher who simply observes for personal gain. Chandra observes, speaks, and shares for the gain of many." - Constance Fournier

  • "Chandra and I have known each other for quite a long time; without her, I would not be the kindred I am today." - William Edric

  • "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future." - Pierrot le Fou

  • "My mother and my muse, my mentor; a dread enemy and ally both to any with sense. In many ways, she is that example of the Camarilla embodied in flesh, virtually flawless and controlled even as the maelstrom rages both without and within. When I consider how to play the elder game, I look to her example as a foundation." - Arden

  • "My great-grandsire is an inspiration to all of her line, and indeed to the entire Clan of the Moon. I consider myself privileged to be descended from her." - The Professor

  • "Carl Jones has been seriously injured and is unable to come to the phone, please leave a QUOTE at the beep." - Carl Jones

  • "The only true evil is evil of the soul. The Venerated Primogen Chandra de Soissones of the Paricci is unquestionably dedicated to rooting out true evil." - Mark G. Teller

  • "Words always seem to fall short of describing my sister or how much she means to me. I owe her everything. What I was, what I am, and what I will become. I only have her to thank." Carl Jones

  • "Invaluable during my initial crossing into this country. Knowledgeable and astute, you would be wise to have her counsel." - Guibert Murmure

  • "I do not anticipate being wrong, but if I am, and this world will begin anew, then I am given hope that it's seed will come from the mind of Chandra." - Wieland Þórarinn

  • "Chandra is akin to the ocean; she is relentless, unyielding and thorough. She falls upon those who would endanger the Ivory tower like the waves crashing upon the shore; overpowering and unstoppable. No one would ever dispute this. But Chandra is also profound and vast as the ocean is; beneath that strength, that control, you can see how far the depths go. You can see the beast that dwells, the torrents of wild. Chandra is very dear to me, but it’s not her control I would fear, it is whatever would happen if she let go. " - Helena Martell

  • "The eye in a storm, eloquent and unphased. When one masters the patterns of the world, there is little reason to be otherwise. An inspiration. " - Elijah Frost

  • "With only brief social intercourse, Chandra de Soissones left with me a distinct impression of true Poise and Grace." -Henry Abrams

  • "Chandra has proven to be a guiding light for me in these nights, ever since...his light was snuffed out. It is only logical that I learn all I can from her and her greater experience." -Elliot Martin

  • "Lemme tell you, when I first caught wind Chandra wanted to come see me and my city, what with her being a zillion years old, and with a big fancy French name, I thought--well, I thought, this'll be fun one way or another. Either I make her go cross-eyed and white-lipped, and other people are gonna have to explain that I was just joking about the hookers and pet monkeys--or maybe, just maybe, we'll have a blast. Turns out, she's real, quick as a whip, fresh as a mango, not afraid to smile, and a good sport. She kept up with me and my crew from one club to another, and still felt like kicking back at my house for a social chat. Total champ, that gal. Pillar of the Sect, yada yada, but most important? Still young, and tons of fun. Cute, too." -Occam

  • "Elder de Soissones reminds me in many ways of my grandsire, Orelia. While both can be described as matriarchs of their respective lineages, they can also be said to have a almost maternal instinct to protect and guide the clan as a whole. The question is, we will (the clan as a whole) be insolent or grateful children?" -Edward James Crowe, MD

  • "Brilliant and beautiful. I suspect she has a mind not unlike a diamond: while some appreciate its clarity and complexity, others are merely lost in its light." -Orenna Komnenos

  • "Where most would look sideways at the speech of a Malkavian, with Chandra, you must look straight on, or you will miss her charm and intelligence. Do not doubt her words." - Damascus

  • "Perhaps it wasn't wise to attempt to fool the future Malkavian Clanhead in to thinking I was the actual Loa." - Baron Cimetiere

  • "I offered to educate her on carousing and she offered to educate me on math. I'm not sure which teacher will have the harder time." - Goodman Goring

  • "Chandra told Clanhead Maxwell that I like to get into trouble. I am certain I felt my heart beat and subsequently skip in that very moment. She's lucky we're best friends. But maybe I'm the more lucky one." - Cyd

  • "Lovely woman. A bit unpredictable but you have to appreciate that nowadays." - Marisa Boyd

  • "Intelligence and charm, two traits that are often wrongly seen as mutually exclusive. I'm pleased to find that not to be the case here." Nicholas Loring

  • "Don't bother keeping secrets from her. May as well open the door and let her in to every secret meeting. Still, can't think of anyone else I would rather have mucking around in my brain." - Roane

  • "I first met Chandra when I was very young. Freshly released. Where Croix left off, she picked up. I am unsure at times which of their educations made me more dangerous." Jasper Stark

  • " "Upon my arrival to Philadelphia I was foolish enough to think Chandra would forget the title she bestowed upon herself in relation to me, but happily reminded me thst she is my Fairy God-Mother.... Yes, you are my Fairy God-Mother, I abide!" Gabriel McNally

  • "More often than not, we divide and conquer. When need or circumstance brings us together on an issue, take care to not find yourself between us." Prince Serafin

Technical Details...

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Rachel Sanks
Storyteller: Mike Smyrski

Player: Rachel Sanks
Domain: PA-015-D
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Character Ties

I am looking for ties in the following areas:

  • Domain Contacts in New Cities - Assistance is confidential and lucrative!

  • Malkavians I have mentored and assisted.

  • Individuals to have worked for from 1500s - 1700s as an investigator or field agent.