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Chronicle Timeline

To Use the Timeline: Players and STs may add any major events that have occurred since the start of chronicle. "Major" events have regional or national repercussions or consequences that interest or involve more than a single game. When writing your entries, please place them in chronological order, and include a brief description of the event, along with the location where it took place. Wiki links to other pages are perfectly appropriate. However, do not add information from the Player's Guide, or information that isn't from chronicle place.

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  • August 2013
    • The Liberty Freehold holds a local Summer Games. Opening musical performances are hosted at Madam M.'s Speakeasy. Performances include the rock legends Trollgate and a relatively unknown techno DJ, DJ Radix. Tagged as 'The Technicolor Dream Coyote,' this would be Radix's first changeling-specific performance.
    • Terrible thorns have been invading from deep in the Hedge for a few months, and the roots are finally traced to an asylum Hollow in upstate New York. The source is discovered to be a pomegranate tree that consumes souls and sanity, growing in a border zone between the Hedge and the Underworld, and the tree is destroyed. The captives in the asylum are freed, their sanity significantly restored, but their Changeling captor vanishes. (NERE 2013)
  • October 2013
    • Red October: On Halloween, the Wild Hunt appears in the mortal world in Cincinnati, OH through a gate forged by one of the tunnel roads passing into the city. The sudden and devastating attack claimed the lives of the Summer and Spring monarchs of The Freehold of Seven Hills.
  • February 2014
    • The Blue Skies tour of DJ Radix crosses from Albany, NY to Los Angelos, CA over the month of February, picking up rave reviews across the country.
    • The Freeholds of New York City finally manage to drive away Peter Pan, an Actor of the Child, after many months of difficulty.
  • May 2014
    • Enter The Longest Night: An army of Lost arrive at Aunt Tootie's Bed and Breakfast in Michigan to put a stop to an incursion of the Longest Night Motley. There, they prevent an attack on the local hydro-electric dam, rescue a captured comrade, and save countless lives. The Longest Night Motley suffers a major defeat, but is not out for the count.
    • The Chase the Sun tour of DJ Radix begins at Dion's in Detroit, MI.
  • June 2014
    • Aguadilla, PR. The Freehold of New Eden faces an Actor of The Architect.
    • Iowa City, Iowa. A motley of extremely powerful Changelings host a party in celebration of the defeat of The Longest Night Motley a month earlier. The party is used as an excuse to discuss plans to stop other incursions of LNM and ends up in an excursion to the underworld where the Changelings there make a very powerful ally, a "Death Lord" who has captured several members of the Longest Night. But who can actually make an ally out of a Death Lord?
  • July 2014
    • The Under Supervision tour of rock band Trollgate begins in San Antonio, Texas with plans to cross the United States and hit as far as Longueuil, Quebec.
  • August 2014
    • Black Rock City, NV. Burning Man, where performances by DJ Radix and Trollgate were enjoyed by thousands of mortals as well as changelings from across the country. The mass participation of Lost in this event marked the first nationally organized social by Radix in his position as Archivist of the Emerald Society.
  • September 2014
    • The Alone in the Dark tour of DJ Radix kicks off in Detroit, MI and runs through the end of Autumn.
    • The Reaper's Ball: Nashville, TN.
  • December 2014
    • The Freehold of Annapolis revolted against the Winter Tyrant Lord Loss, killing him before he could renew his pledge with his Keeper, and rejoining the rest of the nation.
    • The East Central Winter Market opens its doors and boots up its servers. Changelings gather at Circus Skate from across the country to buy, sell, trade and protect. Curious operations at Murray State University are discovered, leading to further investigations by the security team.
    • The Freehold of the Bitten Apple succeeds in getting rid of a triad of Actors of the Matriarch who had stolen the Autumn Crown, in an effort led by Black Apple Runa, with the help of Bones convincing a Loyalist's ghost to take the place of one of the triad so she could become human.
  • January 2015
    • The East Central Winter Market security team investigates a lead on the motley of changelings who have been harassing local hedge beasts near Circus Skate. The investigation leads to a mobile hollow deep in the hedge. Confusion sets in after a conversation with the lone changeling guarding the hollow, leaving the party lost to determine who is a friend and who they can trust. In the confusion, the mobile hollow evacuates to the east. The security team maintains sight on the hollow's movements over the following month, leading to the discovery of the regional stronghold of the Longest Night Motley. In secret, plans are put into motion.
  • February 2015
    • Members of the East Central Winter Market security team meet with locals of Roanoke, VA including Padlock, K, and Aces. The seek and destroy mission targets the regional stronghold of the Longest Night Motley, while others work in concert across the region. The raid is a success, with several captives taken and no lives lost of the side of the free. This is widely considered to be the single most crippling blow dealt to the Longest Night Motley in over a decade.
  • March 2015
    • The Spring Revel: Hosted by The Emerald Society and the Spring Court, the revel was filled with socialization, food, and an art show, and afforded many Lost the opportunity to make new friends.
    • The Battle of the Scorched Earth: Aguadilla, PR. The Freehold of New Eden, and their friends from around the country, fight once more to defeat an Actor of the Architect. In the battle, two changelings fall into Arcadia.
    • The Traitor of Lexington: Long-time Spring monarch Thomas McGreggor goes missing from Lexington, KY. DJ Radix is named monarch and the search for McGreggor begins. The investigation leads to the discovery that Chester Morecroft, former Autumn monarch, has allied with the Longest Night Motley. The Winter monarch, Jessica Snow, vanishes in the wake of the discovery.
    • Madness in San Fransisco: Two dozen changelings descend on the city to locate the fetches of those who fell in the Battle of the Scorched Earth. With these fetches, The Devil performs a ritual that reclaims the changelings from Arcadia.