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Chuck and his Philosphy

Character Information

Name: Charles "Chuck" Westen
Aliases Charlie, Chuck Finley
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Breed: Ursara
Nahual Storm Bear
Species: Arctodus simus

Notable Traits: He's a big guy, muscular and a bit tubby. He almost always has a five o' clock shadow.
Title or Positon: None currently.
The Man: A strong chin, and greying hair define this man, but his charm to the opposite sex seems to be endless despite no real supernatural reasoning for it. He seems to just know what to say to make everything better. He also drinks a lot, to calm the inner beast as he says, however it is most likely to not deal with the anger within and placate his human side.
The Beast: Arctodus Simus is a species of Ur-bear. The largest species currently in the fossil record. They are estimated to be around 1.8 meters at the shoulder while on all fours. That's roughly 5 feet 10 inches. Upright they would be closer to double that. They also had very strong forearms, long claws, and sharp fangs for a predator that hunted mega fauna in the Americas during the Pleistocene. (Below in the Storm-Bear details why his beast form is Arctodus Simus.)
The War Beast: Standing 15 feet tall this war-beast brings everything from man and beast to bare, none of which you would want to see. Violent and Spontaneous he seems to have very little control over his actions during this, only being able to direct the Howling Storm towards his enemies and letting it do all the work.

Heart Ripper


  • A criminal with an attitude.
  • An alcoholic who can go from calm to raging in a moments notice.
  • Works with a crew of people to fence the crews ill gotten goods and has a good lawyer.
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  • "Chuck, how about staying in my sight this time, you act like I can shoot around corners" - Steve.
  • "You in the mood for cookin' Chuck? Cause we're gonna make some napalm." - Johnny.
  • "New car?" - Johnny.
    Smiling. "Yeah. It's a gift from the ladyfriend. I got it yesterday. It's like driving on a cloud." - Chuck.
    "What exactly do you do for these women, Chuck?" - Johnny.
    "Well...." - Chuck.
    "Never mind." - Johnny.
  • "Don't take my silence for confusion, Larry. I was just trying to kill you with my mind." - Chuck.
  • "Just remember: stay on my good side and keep the mojitos coming." - Chuck
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The Crew

Johnny B. Goode Steve Rimmington Z Chuck
Johnny Steve NoPhoto.jpg Chuck
  • Johnny B. Goode - Mechanic, driver, and a man who get into places he shouldn't be able to. He's a lucky little thief what more can be said.
  • Steve Rimmington - Poison brewer, sniper, and computer whiz kid. He hates it when anyone in the Crew goes out of his sight during a deal, providing ranged support is his specialty. It does help when you can pop the cop's tires at half a mile, really keeps them from following.
  • Z - Also known as Oz, or Osborn depending on how chuck feels, he's good at eliminating evidence and has some really good ties with the police, damned if anyone really knows what dirt he has on those cops but it works out.

Allies to the Crew

Bad Checks Barry - A money launderer who helps the Crew out from time to time. He owes Chuck a lot, but Chuck owes him just as much for keeping the money flowing. He's about five eight and hundred seventy pounds, manicured and thinks he's a ladies man but really he's just a metro guy looking in all the wrong places for women. However he's good at his job and makes friends easily.
Fiona - A lady with ties to everything illegal, weapons to jewelry. She acts as a Black Market Fence for Chuck, who is the only person in the Crew she is currently willing to deal with. Probably due to formerly being in a relationship. She's a stunning woman, great athletic figure, auburn hair, blue eyes, and knows enough about weapons and hand to hand combat to make mince meat out of any man. She had a fling with Chuck years back, one they didn't entirely end on a positive note. She stabbed him and assumed he'd die, but being what he is he didn't and when he popped back up a few years she was very surprised and somewhat happy. Chuck has a hard time understanding why violence is foreplay for her, and why she likes him as much as she does.
Carla Baxton - Chuck's attorney, as dirty as a lawyer can be. She is a defense attorney who has managed to get Chuck and others in the Crew out of trouble. Either by facilitating bribes to dirty cops or judges or by hiring lifers to take the fall instead for a extensive fee for them or their families. A beautiful blonde, with green eyes, she's tough though and deals with real scum bags on occasion. It was one of those scum bags that nearly got her killed when she was talking with Chuck in a public place, she was consulting with him on behalf of a Mutual friend he'd hired her to defend in court and some guy decided to attack her, Chuck pummeled him pretty bad and he had to go to the hospital and was eventually arrested for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon but the judge only gave him a few years due to how bad Chuck beat him.

Tools of the Trade

Lock-picks - Every thief needs a set of lock-picks, at least if they are professionals at it. Sure you can just break the glass and steal the car, but a slim jim will get you in without breaking anything, meaning more money for the vehicle. If that's your sort of thing anyway. Opening a safe requires tools, good ears, and steady hands. Why do you need tools, because some people forget the finger print identification pad should be cleaned, pull a finger print off it and you can get in as if they opened it up themselves, you'll need finger print dust and some tape for that, and clean it before you put the print on to register it. Also facial recognition software can't tell the difference between a person and a picture of a person so remember that an 8 by 11 picture will do the job just as easy as picking the lock.

Civilian Model of the Hind D
- When stealing you need an assortment of vehicles, fast cars, sturdy trucks, and vans to carry the stolen goods away. What's the point of stealing if you are going to get caught leaving? There isn't one. Do it right and you don't have to worry about a thing. Also a chopper can be useful for this sort of thing as well, if you drop people off in front, let them rob it and then pick them up on the roof and fly away; nothing is better than 250 mph getaway. Sure people will say they saw a chopper, but if you paint it to look somewhat like a police chopper they might just assume that it was the cops on some sort of car chase. And you can repaint the chopper later.

Weapons - Sometimes you get caught, you can either surrender and maybe spend a few weeks in jail or years depending on what you were doing when you got caught or you can fight back. Man hunts aren't very good for thieves, allies will distance themselves from you when you are on TV for killing a cop. However, bean bag rounds in shotguns will knock a man down with a lot of pain but won't kill them, unless you hit the eye socket or throat at a distance of less than 30 feet. However, a sniper across the way shooting the cops tires out so they cannot give chase solves two things, keeping the cops locked down from sniper fire and keeping their vehicles in one place while you get away. Setting up your own spike strips will do this as well, especially if they can be turned on wirelessly by a good hacker. And don't forget about explosives, breaching a wall of concrete will get you in fast and scare the pants off anyone inside and isn't likely to be lethal unless somebody is standing near that very part of the wall. I do recommend a disturbance in front and breaching in back while they are gawking at the burning car or what ever.

Gadgets - Spike strips, as noted above, can be useful. Binoculars and infra red detection equipment can let you know how many people are near the stuff you want to heist. Seeing their heat through buildings is very useful, and if you see a very cool room it's probably to hide captives or computer rooms, infra red shielding has it's uses but it's also likely to tell you that what you want is being kept their.

Chuck's Equipment

Chuck's Car - 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass Supreme 2 Door Coupe, that he's had modified by his friend over the course of their working relationship. It's fast, loud, and big and guzzles gasoline like he guzzles booze.

1969 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass Supreme 2 door coupe

Safe Cracking Tools - Drill, assortment of bits, stethoscope to aid hearing the inner workings of a safe he doesn't need to drill.
Lock Pick Set - Useful for getting into anything with a lock on it, aside from pad locks which can be broken into with a piece of a soda can really people you need to get better locks on your stuff if you want to keep it out of my hands.
Model 2-IS Insecticide Sprayer - Filled with burned motor oil and vegetable oil. When this mixture is sprayed in the tail pipe of just about any vehicle it bellows black smoke after it has been running a few minutes, like it's no longer street legal. Two things happens here, people assume car fire or the police think that the vehicle isn't meeting it's emission reduction requirements and pull over the driver who might be worrying that his car is on fire.

Life as a Criminal and Storm Bear

1985 - Birth: April 7th in Alaska
1989 - Age 4: Moved from Alaska to Miami Florida.
1993 - Age 8: Family troubles begin happening, debt piling up, he begins getting in trouble in school.
1996-1998; Age 11-13 - Getting in regular fights, suspended from school. Get’s partially recruited into a street gang, parents decide to move to avoid problems.
1999 - Age 14 - Parents move to Russia. His fights in school calm down a bit, but he’s regularly picked on. He fights back one day and break’s a kid’s nose, the boy’s father comes cursing and threatening his father. He grabs the man and hits him knocking him out in one swing. His father knowing the man was involved with with organized crime decides to move them to Germany.
2000 - Age 15 - Moved to Germany, history refuses to leave them alone the same Russian guy hires a hitman to deal with them. The guy didn’t count on the paranoia of Chuck’s father, and gets caught and arrested.
2001 - Age 16-Moved back to America, to Charlotte NC, a place with less Russians as his father put it. Quits school and gets a job working at a convenience store.
2002 - Age 17 - the Convenience store gets robbed by a teen a bit younger than him, with some of his friends. He gets fired, and pissed off at his boss for blaming him and giving him a black mark on his record, no formal charges stick.
2003 - Age 18 - experiences his first change on a family trip, when the Russian comes himself and corner’s him in King’s Mountain’s park trail. He kills the man in his rage tearing him limb from limb. The body is found several days later and claimed to be a bear attack. Loses his mother later that year to cancer.
2004 - Age 19 - Meets a young kid who previously, albeit with help, cost him his job. The guy has just lost his mother, he chats with him and learns his name: Max Gunther.
2005 - Age 20 - Bails Max out of jail after shoplifting, has been working with some guys as muscle for a club, and doing some low level breaking and entering. Also opening up safe’s while others keep the guards or store owners distracted.
2006 - Age 21 - Begins regularly going out and getting Max Gunther for lunches, showing off the money he’s been making. Getting to know what Max has been up to even getting him to show him what he actually does to fix aircraft engines on occasion. Notices the Change has affected Max like it did him, but slightly differently.
2007 - Age 22 - Nods a few friends towards Max for a getaway driver for a 5% cut of the profits as guy who knows a guy fee. The heist goes off without a hitch, he gets paid. He respects Max more for the fact he’s got enough balls to go through with something. Max however already knew the men, but they didn’t know just how good he was.
2007 - Age 22 - Met Winter Reilly with Max Gunther.
2008 - Age 23 - He gets in touch with max after a heist goes bad, finding out he still got his cut and got away scott free but the other dude got arrested. Chuck asks Max if he wants to work the next jobs together, they are both in the same sort of business after all. They do a few “small” jobs, hitting jewelry stores in the Mall with some other people. Max informs him that he knows how to make bombs.
2009 - Age 24 - He and Max take the year off to celebrate and relax. Parties, booze, and girls. However one of the jobs they did gets to Max and he sticks his beak where he shouldn’t have and it came home to the rest of them.
2009 - Age 24 - Vacation in Jamaica, he got mixed up in some nasty drug running business and they attacked him. He wasn't actually involved it was a mistaken buying deal and when he didn't have the cash they tried to kill him. So he beat some ass and burned their drugs, warehouse, and several of them. Burning the Fields
2010 - 2014 - Age 25-29 - Max and Chuck put some distance after a former college gets busted, and their other friends squabble like chickens over fresh feed. Chuck has the money not to need to do much in the way of jobs, but begins collecting intel from his black market fences, his contacts, and advice from his crooked lawyer. He wants one big score to retire on, but he’s unsure he’ll be able to put together a team for it. The truth keeps getting preachy and keeping with the advice from Max he keeps his nose away from them until they push in on him and he lets loose on the two guys who thought they could talk him into convert to their way of thinking. Broken legs, arms, and jaws keep the rest of that small group off his back.
Bails out Max after hearing he assaulted some church people. Does what he can while Max serves probation, helping him out here and there with cash. He continues planning his big heists, hoping for one last big score before retiring. Max keeps talking about finding people who will fight against the truth, Chuck however knows it’s a problem and prefers a straightforward approach however Max says that won’t do the trick, they need to do some planning and find like minded people and form up a team, not just two or three people but a few dozen to take care of them here.
In 2012, Mikey Moulder from Olympia, WA come to Charlotte. He needs to get his bike repaired and has Max work on the bike. Things go from there and Mikey helps get Max and Chuck inducted into the Accord.

Jamaican Vacation Burning the Fields
2009 - Spring
Chuck was on spring break with a few other friends in Jamaica, his friends weren't really 'friends' but who he'd started hanging around to throw the cops off his back for a while. He took them on a spring break trip to Jamaica where they were partying and getting high. Pot heads and coke heads he found out, that was there idea of partying. Here though he didn't care what they did, he was doing this thing by himself. Lounging on the beach and drinkin' mojitos. Until half way through the vacation, one of his 'new' friends made a big mistake and stole about six pounds of weed off a group of dealers. That pissed off their boss and they came looking for the guy. Larry wasn't to bad of a guy, but stupidity was a big trait of his and Chuck hated that about him. Larry came up to Chuck while he's laying on the beach. "I scored big man, wanna see? I have six pounds of the best Jamaican weed you can get." Larry said with a big grin. Chuck pulled his sunglasses down and looked him dead in the eye and said nothing. "What?!" Larry asked. "Don't take my silence for confusion, Larry. I was trying to kill you with my mind."
They went back to the hotel room to see it getting thrashed by three big guys with bad attitudes. "Damn it, Larry!" Chuck said. Larry sighed. "Well there goes that stash..." Chuck looked at Larry. "If you'd stop doing shit like this we could actually be friends, but your going to get us all killed. What if one of the others was at the hotel? Huh what then?" Chuck asked angrily. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. I didn't realize they knew where to find me." Larry said.
"They followed you.. Duh." Chuck said. "You hide in the car, back seat and down low. I'll get them to leave." He then walked into the hotel room a moment later. "Hey guys, what seems to be the problem?" He said with a big grin acting as innocent as possible. One of the guys turned then pointed a mp5 at him. "Serious hardware man.. But uh, what's the problem?" The big man with the gun narrowed his eyes. "I an' I gon shoot ya ifin ya don't leave bumbaclot!" Chuck lifted his hands up. "Woah woah.. I ain't here to cause no trouble... I just heard a friend of mine who made a big mistake with you an' your boss... He stole from ya.. I'm here to fix the debt. Take me to you're boss. I wanna talk with him. My friend ain't right in the head ya know." "I an I don't like ya, an wi should jus shoot ya Rudeboy." Another of the dealers said. "But wi can take ya to da boss. Ya won't like it Rudeboy." "Oh I'm sure I won't like it. However I'm good at what I do and he won't want to pass up an opportunity for cash."
They took Chuck to meet their boss, in a field of marijuana plants to a small house with many guards with just as many guns. "Nice place ya got here guys.... Now that the bag is off I can see how ya make your money." "Shut it Rudeboy, wi ain't got time for your bumbaclot bullshit." One says. They all enter the house and the bossman looks at Chuck sizing him up and then looks at the other guys. "Have a nice trip brethren? I an I don't see the bumbaclot thief, did you find 'im?" the Boss asked. "No sir, wi couldn't find 'im... Dis one says he is a friend of 'is tho." The guy points at Chuck. "Go get da guot! I an I gonna show our guest what'll happen ifin he don't tell us where his bumbaclot friend is." One of the men walk a goat in, living, and he pulls out a knife and stabs it in the chest then slits its throat. Chuck smiles. "We having goat for dinner?" He licks his lips. "Hear it's good." He stares at the bossman. "I'm not bringing you my idiot of a friend. You have you drugs back, and there's no reason to negotiate for him. I'm already here. We can either work together or we can't. Simple as that." He says walking away from the guards towards the bleeding goat. One of the guys goes to grab him but they pull up guns on Chuck as he kneels down to the goat and reaches in to rip its heart out. "You guys really should know something 'bout me... I'm not like you rastas." He chuckles. "I'm American, I grew up in Miami then Russia, and Germany now I live in the states again. I've worked with and against organized crime all my life. Either you're with me or against me bossman." He smiles holding the slowly stopping heart in his hand. "Which is it?" The boss looked at him and narrows his eyes. "I an I ain't workin' with an fool."
Chuck smiles. "Too bad.. Could have made some good money." He then puts the heart in his mouth chews twice and swallows. "Mmm... Tasty." The other guys look at him with eyes wide and step back. "Dah fuck is wit 'im?" Chuck only smiles at the boss. "Regretfully you're time as boss is at an end." Suddenly standing before these men is a very large, very angry, monster lashing claws mauling them one by one before many of them realize what is actually going on. The men outside hear screams, bear growls and howls, and gunfire. One opens the door only to catch the head off his boss in his hands and he screams and runs away. Chuck however turns normal and cracks his neck before picking up several bottles of whiskey and pouring a few out then makes Molotov cocktails out of the rest and sets the house on fire and lite his Molotov cocktails up and walks out tossing them into the fields to set them ablaze.
He strolls out to the car they arrived in the rest of them are running around in the chaos of the field and house on fire, their boss dead, they are running around ripping off what they can. "Not to loyal, or smart." He sighs. "Sometimes this life can be a little fun." He smirks glancing at the fields one last time and driving off in their car.
Chuck returned to the trashed hotel room to find Larry sitting with Max after having cleaned up. Larry had a busted nose and a fat lip where Max hit him for his fuck up. Max got up seeing Chuck walk back in, looking perfectly fine. "What the hell happened?" Max asked. "Not much.. They didn't wish to negotiate, so I made a few molotov cocktails out of their hooch and set their fields on fire." Chuck grins. "Mojitos are on me Max, I'll tell you all about it and how much fun it was."

Storm Bear

When the Romans fled marauding Germanic tribes, they brought with them tales of bears who fought like men. Wielding axes and ripping men in two, these “Storm Bears” recalled some distant nightmare of fi re-lit battles for survival. Far later, the Norse berserkers brought similar kinds of fury to upper Europe and the lower coasts. Still later, the Germans themselves caught the hard edge of the claw from the Russian Bear. In many times and languages, these Storm Bears epitomized the primal might of bears mixed in with human bloodlust.
They still live. Not only as the Heart-Ripper accord (which thrives among the Ursara), but as a breed unto themselves. More than a grizzly, more than a Kodiak, a Storm Bear embodies the wildest spirit of the cold and wild North. And yet, when the battle’s over (and in the times between the fights), this mammoth bear can be as placid as any other force of Nature.
What kind of bear is this? In a way, it’s all of them. Similar to the Bubasti werecats, the Storm Bears draw their Nahual from an extinct animal — a long-dead ur-Bear that may have been the ancestor of grizzlies and Kodiaks. Perhaps the Ursus spelaeus passed its spirit on to warriors it respected long ago. Perhaps it’s even making a comeback now, boiling up through human veins to take one last swipe at Man’s arrogance as a final era calls. . . .
Standing more than 10 feet tall in Primal form and nearly 15 in War-Beast guise, the Storm Bear can rip a truck apart with claws and teeth alone. Even in his human form, this beast is huge and irritable. Although he may indeed by a loving parent and boon companion, the urge to kill runs close beneath his skin. Even the old Norse stayed wary of a bear-changer’s temper, and the Slavs revered him but kept their distance, too. Such a bear wears no man’s chains, and suffers his flesh as a fragile kind of cage. Eventually, the storm within him rises. The best thing to do then is point him at an enemy and run. (note: Except from the Changing Breed book, pg 179)


Burn Notice - Sam Axe, Michael Westen: personality mesh along with style.
Actor - Bruce Campbell because he's awesome.


  • "Groovy!" - Ash, Army of Darkness
  • "Hail to the King, baby!" - Ash, Army of Darkness
  • "Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things, right now: Jack and shit... and Jack left town." - Ash, Army of Darkness
  • "Okay, obviously, this is NOT WORKING, and it's NOT GOING TO WORK, so we're going to break it up into A THOUSAND LITTLE PIECES." - Bruce Campbell, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor
  • "The prospects were depressing: Adulthood meant that I'd have to stop having fun and do something I didn't really want to do for the rest of my life - which was apparently a considerable chunk of time." - Bruce Campbell, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor


Chuck's Grooves

Sam Slink
Santa Monica
I will buy you a new life
The Animal I have become
Eminem's Criminal
Sweater Weather
Burning the Fields
Little Red Riding Hood
Wipe Out
In the Summertime
Black Betty
Cheap Sunglasses
Bad to the Bone
Sympathy for the Devil
People are Strange
When the Guns Come Out
Wake the White Wolf

The Crew's Soundtrack

When you build a Bomb in your Kitchen
Gold on the Ceiling
The Good Life
Hotel California
The Kids Aren't Alright
Beverly Hills
The Drunken Sailor
Long Tall Salley aka Chopper Ride
Johnny B. Goode
One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer
I Gotta Get Paid - ZZ Top
Born to be Wild
Johnny I hardly Knew Ya
The Chemical Worker's Song
Flirting with Disaster
Beneath the Black Flag
Hard Cash

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Fellow Criminals

OOC Information

Player: Bobby G.
MES Number: US2009114971
Email: Bobby G.
Location: Charlotte, NC
VST: VST John F.